Final Sacrifice

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The body fit snugly almost naturally as the spirit of Beren bonded to the corpse Vex had supplied for him. It did not feel as vile and wild like Riken, nor restricting when he possessed one of the living. Rather the corpse felt fluid in its movements almost sloppy in regards to its slow lazy strides. He did not feel anything, yet the heartbeat and blood spread through its body kept it moving in its undeath. Looking through its eyes he noted an odd green haze, an obvious effect from the magic of Vex.

“How does it feel?” Vex stated as she crossed her arms staring at the corpse Beren habituated himself to. Her eyes narrowing, and a small bite of her lip left her hoping for the best in her worrying face.

Beren simply nodded as he touched the sewn lips of the corpse in confusion. Vex smiled oddly and shrugged as if knowing his shout was strong enough to obliterate the body if no restraints were put into place. Beren let out a sigh using the lungs within the body and felt the air slowly escape through the holes in his lips were the thread kept them shut. Pulling out the sword on his hip, he held it up and eyed it letting the setting sun shine into his green hazy eyesight. Having never wielded anything other than an axe he felt baffled and confused on how to swing it properly. Clenching his teeth, he look towards Vex as she appeared to channel a green spell that slowly encircled herself. A green flame resting on each of her finger tips ready to spark and burn at any given notice.

“Can’t you possess more than one corpse?” Vex asked as she eyed Beren unimpressed, her yellow eyes relaxing into a smile before shaking her head not expecting much. “No matter stand by me and be a meat shield, I will do the heavy lifting.” She insisted as she removed her gaze from Barren and eyed the ground as if searching for something. “There we are.” She proclaimed as she began digging into the dirt beneath the roots of a large tree.

Beren watched in confusion as she pulled out the half eaten corpse of what appeared to be a fox. Its red coat mangled and matted its bones showing and its face shriveled, maggots falling off of it. Vex simply kissed its decrepit nose and blew a ghastly white green into the creature. It entered its body through the face as it began to contort and wiggle on the ground as if suffering from a stroke. It lasted for a moment before it sat right up and stared blankly at Vex, green glowing eyes slowly enveloping inside its head obedient to its new master.

“Vash ken yavor.” Vex spoke, the language ancient and vulgar in its sounding entirely. Her high pitched gravely voice making the sound eerie in nature almost forbidden. Immediately the undead fox trotted over toward the dead massacre of goblin bodies and began sniffing the corpses. It dug oddly at an open gut wound in the closest goblin as blood spilled before sending its snout into the wound itself coating its face with the substance.

If Beren had a stomach he would have dry heaved from the disgusting sight. The scene was morbid and disgusting but it was perhaps the constant proximity to Vex that made it seem rather normal. The fox stopped its snout digging and pulled out slowly as mucus and blood escaped the wound still clinging to its face. Walking over slowly to the nearest tree and digging, it eyed Vex and then towards a denser part of the forest before stopping. As if signaling something only known to Vex.

“Good boy, now lead the way.” Vex stated as she stood up and beckoned Beren to follow in pursuit leaving the other two corpses to watch over Riken, whom was still sound asleep. Beren nodded understanding the notion as he moved the body onward as it moved in sloppy jagged movements unlike a normal living host.

“You pry think I am some wizard don’t you Beren?” Vex asked as she quickly jumped over a high root on the ground almost in a skipping fashion. Beren following behind doing everything he can to not trip, simply grunted the best he could to be humored.

“In fact I am a necromancer and a prodigal lich in the making!” She exclaimed as she raised both her arms in the air as if victorious. Using an index finger she traced it along the trunk of a tree she passed by as it singed and left a smoldering scar. “A lich queen perhaps.” She snickered as she jumped down into a running brook the water splashing around her making her giggle in earnest. Beren rolled his eyes as he stumbled into the brook the water splashing around him with vigored repercussions.

The green forest in this area had appeared to grow thicker and wilder. As if mother nature had neglected it to the wilds to be consumed and reformed in chaos’s very image. It was tough for Beren to navigate the forest let alone keep up with the quick pygmy, her random giggling in the dwindling light being his only source of finding his way. Ever so often she would be found sitting on a raised rock playing with the undead fox as she waited for Beren to stumble upon them, his groaning in protest proof of his annoyance.

“Not much further, goblins like pygmy’s favor this type of terrain it protects us from the harsher races of this world.” Vex began as she lightly blew on a low hanging branch leaving it to wilt and die, creating an easy path for her to continue. “In fact, you can say these forest goblins are a distant cousin of ours. Just a tad bit more savage and favoring the ignorance of mana related magic.” She scoffed making a snort sound in her nose as she quickly took out her double-edged dagger and marked a nearby tree, obviously marking their location.

“Regardless though, they are still savages and will kill anyone on sight unlike my kind.” She stated her smile gone and an all too serious tone in the back of her voice. Beren simply nodded as he patted his sword, he was not above killing anything vile. In fact, he could see himself fighting such creatures if they ever attacked the livestock back at his village.


Beren looked to see Vex as she put a finger to her lips, the green haze of his eyesight helping illuminate the forest along with her features. He noticed as she touched beneath her eyes as a strange black magic smoked out from her skin. Her eyes slowly changed from a bright yellow into a deep black even the whites of her eyes were gone.

“From here on out try and be subtle, we have the night vision advantage but once we are caught it will be a tough fight. I am having Benji run out to scout the camp.” Vex states as she tapped her finger tips as glimmers of small green sparks escaped them in a fascinating aura.

Beren cocked his head and attempted to mumbled Benji, in which Vex simply giggled and put her hands above her head to simulate a foxes ears. “The fox silly, I named him, all my pets need names.” Beren let out some air as he held back a laughter the sewn lips keeping the sound from escaping. He stood there swaying back and forth as she pulled out his sword and eyed its sharpness accidentally cutting his finger as a droplet of blood oozed out. It did not take long before the fox returned as it ran up to Vex and rolled in a little circle before sitting on its haunches and raising its feet up as if a dog. Beren smiled to himself as Vex patted the vile little creatures head before it laid down slowly and went into a sleep. Hopefully forever as green energy escaped its body and back into Vex’s hand. “Good boy.” She stated as she looked back toward Beren.

“They are all mostly asleep. Approximately twenty to this clan and only three guards patrolling the perimeter. There also appears to be a non-goblin amongst their midst perhaps a prisoner or worse food.” Vex explained as she picked up some dirt and rubbed it into her hands as if pondering their best plan of action. Beren in protest walked forward and mumbled in protest as if expecting her to take the route to save the prisoner. Her black eyes glared at his for a moment before shaking her head in feeling the situation absurd over something so trivial to her.

“Fine fair maiden savior, but if the prisoner dies it is not my fault deal?” She explained as she stood up and began to slowly make her way to the camp the forest to thick to show it clearly. Beren grunted in response as he followed in pursuit his sword arm ready his body moving with intent and purpose. It did not take them long, for within moments they were upon the goblin camp perimeter.

Before them sat a clearing of dirt and mud while small log huts were scattered around a large bonfire. In front of the bonfire sat a much larger hut where one would presume the chief would reside. Further away from the huts were some circular pins where a few swine snorted and dug into the roots on the ground awaiting their next meal. Near the bonfire three guards stood watch over a prisoner whose head was hanging low sitting cross legged in front of a stake.

“Now Beren this is the plan, I want you to enter combat with those goblins and distract them long enough for me.” Vex began as she walked up to a crouching Beren patting him on the shoulder. “And If you should die I recommend possessing another body I might need a meat shield to cast my dazzling sparks.” She smirked as she scampered off, the grass moving in a sway as he lost sight of her quick movement’s. Gripping his fist, he held his blade close at hand and approached the camp hoping for the best. Standing up he moved his head side to side as an unnatural creak escaped the bones leaving him wondering it wise to push the corpse past its limit. Shrugging the notion off he moved the shambling corpse onward his legs moving in a slow limping fashion, the trampled ground rather smooth making it easy to traverse.

As he approached the bonfire he was able to clearly identify the prisoner. He assumed his gender to be male by his broader shoulders and missing shirt, his hair was longer and coarse as if barbaric in nature. He appeared to be wearing a ragged trousers as if he had been traveling for a long while. He could not see his face and even if the could the light of the bonfire would have silhouetted his features. The goblins around him appeared to be holding crude combat hammer of stone and chatting amongst themselves, their native tongue rough and with odd sounds of snorts to be had. Hoping Vex had made it to her spot Beren walked into the light of the bonfire, his limping strides startling the goblins on duty.

“It’s a zombie!” one of the forest goblins stated as he raised his crude hammer relaxing slightly upon seeing Beren.

“Relax brother, its slow probably a scout from the lich in the woods.” Another goblin stated as he approached the zombie looking into its face. “Gah ugly one isn’t ya. No worries I will end this torment of yours, former Scorn soldier or not.” The lookout goblin stated as he approached with weapon in hand ready to strike. Beren realizing he had the upper hand in the situation remained silent and absent eyed as he continued to approach hiding the fact he can move quickly if need be. He was approximately six feet from the goblin as he steadily held his blade at the side, his muscle twitching as if ready to strike. The goblin simply stood there hammer in hand pity in his bitty eyes as he shook his head waiting for the zombie to reach his destination.

Beren was approximately four feet from the goblin before he stopped suddenly and eyed the goblin with a rather sinister glare. The goblin unsure of the unusual expression simply readied his hammer above his head to strike. Unfortunately, Beren grunted as he used the quick muscle fibers in his arms to strike upwards with his sword piercing the blade into the abdomen of the Goblin. His innards slowly flowing out while blood and gore oozed out slowly.

Walking his blade into the goblin he continued onward and slashed upward cleaving the body of the goblin in two. The little creature falling in a heap on the ground. The remaining two goblins gasped suddenly as they readied they hammers and quickly raced towards Beren ready to avenge their friend. Not having any combat experience Beren began to swing wildly while clutching his eyes shut hoping he was doing something productive. He felt no pressure from an attack and thus stopped swinging for a moment while opening his eyes. He was taken back slightly as he noticed Vex standing over the two dead bodies of the goblins.

“Smooth.” She stated shaking her head at Beren as she used a green hand and rested it on the necks of both dead goblins. Beren unsure of what was going on instead moved himself towards the prisoner in hopes of being useful. Holding his sword in hand he walked behind the individual and cut the bonds that were tied to a stake. The prisoner sighed as he leaned forward and brought his hands to his front rubbing them slightly.

“Thanks.” The voice sounded smooth almost like water flowing no less. Standing up the prisoner appeared to stand a little over six feet while have multiple scars and open sores all over his exposed body. As if a leper had escaped their segregated colony. The prisoner slowly turned around and picked up a ragged shirt on the ground obviously his own. Beren was taken back however as he stared into the face of the prisoner seeing a rotting lower face. From his nose down to his upper neck was all bloody bone and teeth. Water appeared to form as a bubble beneath his chin leaving a small stream of water to enter into his exposed throat.

“You don’t look much better bud, go gawk at something else.” The prisoner stated the water bubble moving oddly before he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped his face. “I assume you are here for the ghost glow? The shaman refused to bargain with me and were assuming I was some lich puppet. Hence my presentation.” The prisoner stated as he bent down and picked up a wooden staff from the ground spinning it slightly as he held it pointing it the ground. “Name is Ragnar who are you two?”

Beren scratched his face as he pointed to the sewn lips then to the smaller pygmy who appeared to be resurrecting the two goblins under her command.

“His name is Beren and I am Vex, and we want the ghost glow as well. Help us and we can share perhaps?” She stated as she pointed to the few huts opening, eager goblin faces poking out with sharp crude weapons ready for a fight. “Regardless get in my way you die. Now, you ready to dance my puppets?” Vex giggled as she pointed at a hut and shot out a green fire ball instantly engulfing the wood into flames.

Beren felt a tap on his shoulder as the one known as Ragnar surged forward and began locked into combat with a few goblins that were approaching from their south position. Beren stood there bewildered having never entered combat on this scale. The smell of smoke in the air and the enticing sight of blood curdled his emotional sense as his mind went back to the day he died on the altar. This was just one step into a world at war. One battle to test his will for more to come. Many more to come.

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