Final Sacrifice

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Ghost Glow

There were shouts in the small goblin camp as the assailants continued their assault. Wild green fire jumping from one log hot to another setting each ablaze forcing its residents out with haste. The night was in utter chaos as Vex continued to resurrect the dead goblins that fell to her feat. Ragnar the former prisoner easily blocked and counter striked each advancing goblin easily holding the southern end of the camp. An odd blue magic escaping his staff as he spun it around knocking out the goblins in quick precise strikes. Beren doing his best to maintain composure found himself locked in combat with another goblin using a crude stone hammer who appeared to be swinging wildly.

“Come on little undead fight me!” the goblin roared his bulky orange muscles gleaming in the bonfire light. Beren fighting only defensively did all he could as he held his sword up with both hands to block each strike of the hammer. The blade cutting into his hands slowly tearing away at his tendons. He was not adept at the art of battle in fact all he knew was swinging a lumber axe to fall a tree. Grimacing as he blocked another set of attacks from the goblin, he knew he would not be able to use his thundering voice without destroying the body he was possessing.

“Hey Beren, square up to your target and fight, stop waiting, just let that body do its natural instinct!” Vex called out as she held a ball of green fire in her palms surrounded by her undead goblin minions. She turned her gaze back to an approaching goblin before chucking her ball of green fire into the goblins face setting the creature ablaze. Singed skin setting into the air mixed with ash and soot, the scream it let forth was menacing mixed with pain and anguish as flesh slipped off his face.

“The lich of the woods is attacking, to arms brothers!” A rather large goblin stated as he exited the bigger log hut surrounded by a personal guard of goblins. Assuming this to be the chief Beren took note of his five foot height and darker orange skin complexion. He wore the same primitive fur outfit as the rest of the camp but had velvet crown with jewels beset into it. An item seen wearing from a noble of a house in the southern regions of Wemar where the scorn resides. Anger filled Beren’s heart as he began to assume the possible scorn connections between the goblins and his most hated adversaries. Eyeing the continued advance of the goblin, Beren attempted to use Vex’s advice and let the reflex of his body do its work.

The crude hammer came in high and random as the goblin shouted. Beren relaxed not fearing death for having already experienced it. Instead he felt the twitch of muscle and feeling of repetition occur in the bodies brain as he brought his sword upwards to meet the hammer. Simultaneously he moved to the left turning slightly as he brought his sword down and slashed down striking the goblin perfectly across. The goblin stopped suddenly as blood gushed from his wound before falling to the ground defeated. Beren smiled inside the body proud of vanquishing his first foe regardless of its minor size. He suddenly felt water gush over his head as it collided with a foe that appeared to have snuck behind Beren. Looking behind him he noticed a hole the size of a walnut on the head of a goblin. His body laying limp unmoving from the unknown projectile that hit it.

“Now were even.” Ragnar stated amongst a handful of knocked out goblins his hand raised as he appeared to be breathing heavily. Evidence of water droplet leaving his palm. Using the corpse to smile he nodded as he picked up his sword and rushed towards the large log house knowing Vex would appear their next.

Most of the camp were now under Vex’s control as she forced the fallen goblin brethren to lock combat with their loved ones. A sight that made Beren’s stomach turn and feel violated. He underestimated Vex’s cruelty, yet at the same time he did not understand the intentions that wrought her judgement upon them. All he could understand was that they hurt Riken and that they have ghost glow, a rare herb not easily obtained. It did not take long before the remaining goblins either fled into the forest or died at the hands of Vex and her minions; or were knocked out by the unknown man known as Ragnar. Beren stood beside the two amongst the company of undead goblins. Vex’s hand holding a ready green fire ball while Ragnar stood vigilant with his staff behind his back his hand up to his facemask. Beren attempting to appear experienced held his sword up trying to appear as formidable as his companions.

“Lich queen of the forest. Your atrocities will not last, the undead you raise bring you further from your true nature. What will your kind say now, it is not too late surrender now and join me. The scorn offers treasure to those who obey.” The goblin chief stated as he held his battle hammer in hand behind his smaller guard of goblins. Baring the groups way into the log hut completely.

Beren looked over to Vex who appeared to have stepped forward from her small make shift army. Her eyes returning to their normal yellow the bags under her eyes prevalent of her fatigue. “Goblin king of the forest. How many times must I burn your villages down before you learn your lesson. This is my kinds territory and you are trespassing.” She stated coldly as she crossed her hands her double dagger in hand shaking her head. “I do not harbor vile intent upon your kind, but you threw your chance of an alliance when you sided with the scorn.” Vex added as she looked up and eyed the goblin chief with ill intent, her sharp teeth showing, a small growl escaping her throat.

“If she has stake to any claim so do I, you vile creature.” Ragnar stated as he pointed at the goblin chief. “I am no ones puppet and I will take your life for trying to sell me out to the scorn. I will have your head by the end of the night.” He instilled with anger his fake water bubble voice sounding more realistic than before.

“Beren.” Vex said as she looked to him with an eerie smile. “Go on over and try and use your voice, I am sure you have some things to say as well.” She stated with a smirk her hands rubbing together leaving Beren pondering what she had planned. Shrugging he began walking up to the small group of goblins. His hands clutching his sword with anticipation his sewn lips trembling as he visualized himself using his voice to make these goblins bow to him. This was where he would shine. In terms of combat he did not hold a flame to those behind him. But he was given another chance at life and with it a crying wail of a hundred souls to send judgement to those of abhorrent decree.

“What is this, you resurrected the body of a scorn peon to fight me alone? Is this some poetic justice Vex? My word have you sunk so low!” The goblin exclaimed as he raised his arms to the side laughing, his snorts apparent and deep as the other goblin guard laughed as well, lowering their guard not fearing one shambling corpse.

“Hmmmm” Beren grumbled the sewn lips stretching in protest. Rolling his eyes he withdrew in as much air as the corpses lung could and held it eyeing the group in front of him.

“Beren get closer they pry can’t hear you!” Vex stated as if she was holding back a laugh her speech pattern less serious for the situation.

Nodding he began shambling forward dropping his sword and gripping his fist till he was in striking distance from the goblins surround the chief. Smiling the best he could through the sewn lips he began to let out his wail. However with no air to escape the force began to build up inside his body. Not understanding what was going on he felt himself grow hot and his chest and abdomen expand. The blood in his veins stopped as Beren understood what was transpiring. Vex made him possess a walking exploding corpse and he was the fuse to create the reactions.

“Hey goblin.” Vex began with an evil smirk her sharp teeth showing. “Say hi to your Scorn god for me in hell.” She ended as she began letting out fits of giggling laughter. Were it not for the dire situation it would have appeared cute and harmless.

Beren upon hearing this shrugged half wanting to use his normal wail but found his body expanding as it quickly exploded spraying guts and blood all over the goblin along with a strong force of air. Beren stood motionless in the air as the body he inhabited was sprayed out all over the company of goblins. Having never used his spirit to wail he began to, but found it unnecessary as the blood all over the goblins began to sting and melt their flesh. The vile smell mixed with the carnage in the village, as they all fell to their knees crying out in pain and anguish. The blood within the corpse an obvious vile concoction made by the necromancer Vex.

“A thousand curses upon you pygmy, I am glad your kind is driven to extinction may you die a thousand times. A thousand times!” The goblin chief stated as he fell face first into a pool of blood and gore. Levitating back toward Vex and Ragnar he noticed Vex raise a hand as the rest of her little army of raised goblins fall to the ground, the green essence making their move to return to Vex. Her features looked fatigued as though she had been running all night with no rest or food.

“Such vile magic little Vex, but I thank you for your effort.” Ragnar stated as he turned his blue eyes toward the floating spirit of Beren. “Ahh I knew I saw a severed spirit in that body glad I was not mistaken. Though I have never seen one so I was not certain.” He finished as he looked around before setting his staff behind his back using a strip of cloth to hold it there. Beren simply nodded as he eyed the log hut hoping some of the ghost glow was inside.

Vex let out a slight yawn as she raised an arm up as if returning from a fitful sleep. “I am going to need most of the ghost glow since I staked this claim first. You can have one clover and with that I can see what I can do about your face.” She insisted eyeing the stranger from the corner of her eye.

“Fine by me, I assume we both have questions that need to be sated. But until then let us gather the ingredients and retire to a more subtle location?” He asked as he looked back at Beren with interest his fingers tapping his chin with.

Vex nodded as she motioned for Beren to enter the log house with her. Beren moved to the side as he followed in pursuit leaving Ragnar outside to guard their location from a possible retaliating attack. There was no door to the wooden hut just a simple fur drape keeping the warmth inside. Upon entering Beren took note of multiple dead and mangled goblins inside along with a ceremonial wooden altar at the center. A few crystal artifacts lay on the ground as odd blue essence swirled around inside. Anger filled Beren once more as he closed his fist tight and the red aura around him grew brighter.

“Had a feeling he was trying to obtain spirit energy. Such barbaric means only the scorn would teach.” Vex stated as she walked over to the few glowing crystals and eyed them with disappointment. Pulling out her dagger she smashed them creating a small noise of escaping essence. As if a snake was hissing and leaving its last breath in the process. “Find that ghost glow I will dispose of these.” Vex stated seeming depressed by the short and saddened tone as she destroyed the crystals.

Beren nodded as he looked around the log hut attempting to keep his composure despite the proximity of an all too similar scene. The middle of the log house sat a massacre of goblins and an altar while there appeared to be two closed off rooms. Entering the one to the right he took sight of a bedroom attire with a long bed fit for a human along with treasure like trinkets, obviously compensation for handing the Scorn the crystal artifacts full of souls. Leaving that room he entered the next taking note of a single table full of alchemic ingredients and a few low standing stools. An old orange goblin with gray stranded hair sat in the corner. Its eyes grey resembling its blindness.

“Ahh forlorn spirit has come to take me away?” The goblin stated sounding more feminine than the others he fought during the night. “Unfortunately, I am already on deaths door, I refuse to give that fiend my alchemy for his absurd sacrifices. Take what you want and be gone.” The goblin stated as she crossed her arms and went to humming to herself obviously mad from some concoction she made for herself. Looking around the room he noticed an odd white flower resting between the pointed ear of the alchemist goblin and its head.

Stepping forward to the goblin he noticed its apparent old age and longer fingernails along with an empty vial in its hands. Her attire was much the same of old fur and leather. Looking once more to the flower he reached forward as if it was calling to him. His hand oddly enough was able to touch it. It felt soft yet cold on his spiritual form. And upon picking it up he felt a sense of welcoming, almost as if a piece of humanity still lingered within him.


Beren stated to the dying goblin as he let his voice boom slightly shaking the log house in protest. The goblin simply smiled as she leaned back and closed her eyes, smile stuck on her face. Walking out of the room with the flower in hand he noticed Vex tapping her elbow as if searching for the herb.


Beren stated as lowly as he could the log house rumbling as if an earthquake. Vex turned around and noticed through her eyes a clear flower in the hands of Beren resting snuggly in his finger tips.

“I.. I think that is it, no wonder they are hard to find they are clear.” She stated as she pulled out a small box and opened it waiting for Beren. Reluctantly he approached Vex and let the flower drop into the box hoping to feel its welcoming touch once more. He watched as she pulled off a petal and eyed it for a moment before closing the box and putting it into her tunic. Lets pay our Ragnar and be off to our humble abode Beren. Hopefully Riken has made his way back so I wont have to be bothered.

Beren nodded as he followed her out of the log camp to see Ragnar unmoved from his position still standing in the same pose. A rather unsettling non human expression on his face.

“I assume you found it?” He asked as he held out a shaking hand.

“Indeed here you go little human” Vex replied as she dropped the petal into his hand pondering his action. Ragnar pleased closed his hands and put the petal in his pocket with a sigh.

“So, your place or mine.” He stated eyeing Vex with a blank expression. “And when I mean my place I mean a hole next to a creek.”

Vex curled her lips pondering bringing the stranger back to the camp with her but shrugged and waved her hand towards him. “Come if you may, question and answers are always welcomed in terms of research.” She quickly added as a ghost and undead followed her home.

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