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Best Friends Forever

Talia’s POV:
I was sitting on my couch watching Orange Is The New Black when my cell phone chimes, I picked it up off of the couch and unlocked my phone, I open the text from Celina,

Lina<3- Hey! You up? I got locked out again....
Me- Yes! Come over you can spend the night and we can talk about you moving in
Lina<3- Okay! See you soon!

I put my phone down and went back to watching my show, I am on season 4, I really can’t believe this shit happened to someone, about 15 minutes later I hear a knock on my front door, I get up and walk across my living room into the hallway, then head towards the front door, I open it and smile seeing my best friend Celina Brown standing there with her overnight bag and her purse, I pulled her into a hug,

“You need to break up with him, before he fucking hurts you and I have to kill him, I have seen some creative ways to make weapons....”

Celina hugs me back and can’t stop herself from laughing, “Oh yeah? Well I am trying to figure out the best way to get away without getting hurt.”

“I will go with you tomorrow first thing in the morning, we are going there and packing your stuff and leaving, he can find another girl to emotionally abuse, but he is fucking done doing it to you! I will not let him rip you apart until your in a million pieces,” I say as I pull away and close the front door, then turn the lock to lock the front door again.

“Okay, but I have a question,” Celina says as she puts her stuff down and walks towards the couch.

I follow her, sitting next to her as she sits down, “Sure shoot.”

“There is a paranormal event coming up in a few days down at the old Montgomery Insane Asylum, will you go with me? Please?” She says as she gives me her best puppy dog eyes.

I look at her, smile and say, “Fine, just stop the puppy eyes please!”

She starts laughing, “But you love them.”

I laugh with her, “Nope.”

She laughs harder, then realizes what I have been watching and instantly looks at me, “Put it on from Season 1! We can binge and have a show night with snacks! I brought some with me they are in my bag.”

She jumps up and heads toward the hall where her bag sat, she picked it up and unzipped it, reaching inside, she pulled out two bags of Doritos, she handed me a bag, I looked at the flavor and smiled, Jalapeño Popper, I look at Celina as I open the bag,

“You know the way to my heart!!!”

I reached in the bag and pulled one out, popping it into my mouth and biting down, II absolutely loved these things! Celina starts laughing controllably, falling off the couch, I laughed as she did, grabbing the remote and putting Season 1 Episode 1 of Orange Is The New Black, as it began Celina stopped laughing and finally got off the floor, sitting down next to me, she opened up her bag of chips and began to eat them, we watched and snacked on chips, Celina fell asleep before me, I shut off the show, grabbed her blankets and covered her up, then I headed upstairs to my room, the moment my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.

The next day.......

We took care of Celina’s ex first thing when we got up, I had to help her pack and keep telling her now ex to fuck off and leave us alone or I would call the police and tell them he keeps threatening us and won’t just let us grab her stuff, it shut him up and he left us alone, I made sure nothing of hers was left behind including anything dirty, we made it back to my house and she started some laundry while I ordered us pizza and fries from our favorite pizza shop Molly’s Pizza. After we ate some lunch we took a ride down the old Montgomery Insane Asylum to sign up for the event, we walked up to the booth to the right of the Asylum, where I spotted two handsome guys talking to one of the organizers, Celina caught me,

“Hey, eyes in your head Talia! I am sure you can talk to them when the event comes! We need to focus on getting spots for the first night!”

I looked away from the guys as one of the guys, the taller one with black hair, looked towards us, “Hush! Damn lady tell the fucking world I was checking a guy out so he can fucking hear you!”

My face was red and one of the organizers made me feel better by saying,


My face returned to normal color, we walked forward, I smiled as did Celina before Celina says,

“We want to sign up for the first night, Talia Jones and Celina Brown.”

The guy smiled at us, “Okay! Sign your names on the first night group.”

Celina signed her name, then handed me the pen and I signed my name, handing the pen back to the guy,

“I’m Garret, you two will have to meet me and my partner Devin back here Friday night at 6pm, it gets dark by 8 so we need to get all the forms filled out before we can let you inside, you will be placed in a group with two other guys, I will explain the rules and anything else you need to know on Friday night!”

“Okay sounds great, we will be here!” Celina says smiling at Garret.

“Bye ladies,” Garret says waving to us.

We say our goodbyes and turn around to walk away, as we do I run into something falling backwards, until I fell a wrap hand grab my arm,

“I am so sorry!” I say as I look up at who I ran into.

My heart nearly stops when I realize it’s the guy I was staring at, when he spoke it made reminded me of a rappers voice almost,

“It’s Okay, I should be saying sorry I was too busy talking to my friend, I wasn’t paying attention.”

I smiled at him, “Have a good night.”

“You too,” he says as I turn away, pulling Celina with me and we run to my car, I unlock it and get in, starting it and Drop by G-Eazy comes out of the speakers, I roll down my window as does Celina.

I pull away from the parking spot as the guy I ran into and his friend are getting into their car, Celina and I rapping along with the song, we had a dance for the song too, we posted it on YouTube and it has about 2000 views now, about 1600 are liked and the rest dislikes or no vote. The comments were never ending, a lot from guys that thought we were hot, two from famous people, including G-Eazy, which had read, Love the dance you girls made for this! Keep up the work and you two may have a future career in Modeling! Kisses G
I nearly died when I saw the comment, Celina watched me dance all around my house and even on my roof, which she recorded and posted on all our social media’s we have a channel called EazySquad. I faintly hear a,

“Sing it ladies!”

I look in the rear view and see the two guys I was staring at watching us and waving, I looked at Celina,

“They liked it!”

Celina smiled, “That is because you have the voice of a fucking angel and I can rap with the big boys!”

I drive towards my house, “Hey I can too!”

Celina looks at me as I am driving, “You’re right, you did rap god perfectly!”

I smile then go back to rapping to Drop, I pull into my driveway a few moments later, I shut off the car and we get out and head inside. My phone chimes, I pull it out of my pocket, unlock it and open the notification from Instagram,

G-Eazy is now following you on Instagram

Another notification comes in,

Wow you are beautiful! And I love your eyes

My eyes go wide, Celina peeks over my shoulder and goes,

“No fucking Way..”

I smile and look at her, “Awesome huh?”

She just nods then says, “Can we order Chinese I will pay this time.”

I smiled, “Sure you know what I like I am going to go shower.”

I turned away from her, walking to my stairs and go upstairs, I go into my bedroom and grab my stuff then head to the bathroom, I plug in my iPod to the bathroom speaker and put on Some Kind Of Drug, I get undressed and get into the shower. I wash up, get out and get dressed in sweatpants and tank top. I go downstairs, as the Chinese is arriving, Celina answers the door as I set up our show, then go grab plates and silverware. After dinner we watched Orange Is The New Black, getting through the rest of season 1 and some of season 2 before it was 3am and we were barely awake, we shut it off then headed upstairs, she took the room I had made up for her when I moved in.

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