The Unseen

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The Paranormal Event

Celina’s POV:

We spent the last few days getting ready for this paranormal event, I had to get Talia up to date with all the stuff we could use to hear “ghosts” as she puts it, she is a non believer, after this event she will believe, if we aren’t dead. I walked downstairs, into the kitchen, Talia was sitting on the counter leaning towards her laptop, reading something intensively, this was the perfect time to scare her, she hasn’t heard me yet,


Talia screamed, jumped and actually fell off the counter, I couldn’t control myself as I burst out in a fit of laughter, Talia groans,

“You bitch! That hurt!”

I laugh harder, falling to the ground holding my stomach, I pull myself together a moment later and walk over to my best friend who was getting up off the floor, I looked at her,

“You okay?”

“Yeah, my knee, elbow and shoulder hurt though,” She touches her shoulder than flinches.

“Can you move it??” I ask her, instantly feeling bad for scaring her so badly.

“Yeah,” She replied as she moved her shoulder, then her elbow and her knee, after grimacing in pain.

“Okay, well we need to get ready, we leave in like an hour to get there for 6!” I say to her smiling, then heading towards the stairs in the kitchen that lead upstairs to the bedrooms.

Talia follows me, we head to our rooms, I go shower, do my hair and makeup and get dressed. I could hear Talia singing in the shower, it made me smile, her voice really was like an angel and I needed to record this and post it so the world can hear her singing, Some Kind Of Drug by G-Eazy, I got close to her bathroom door without alerting her, I hit record and whispered into the camera,

“This is Talia singing Some Kind Of Drug, she really has an angels voice! Okay here listen...”

Talia’s POV:

I stood in the shower, washing up and singing along to one of my many favorite G-Eazy songs, Some Kind Of Drug, I put all my heart into my singing,

“Can’t explain, don’t keep me waiting all night

Girl, come through, them bath water runnin’

Fire be burnin’ in my hotel room

Come through, champagne be poppin’

System be knockin’ in my hotel room

Ever since I met you, you got me changing my schedule

If you ain’t know, that shit’s eventful

And losing this money is dreadful, but

Believe me, that pussy is special

You wanna meet moms, I might let you

Rollie is so presidential, keep it on while we fuck that’s ’cause I meant to, yeah

Fuck you twice, we take a nap, soon as you’re awake, get back

Go for three, it takes a knack

I’m taking you to places that

You ain’t been, girl, face the fact, meant it, I can’t take it back

Whisky straight, ain’t chasing that, I’ll taste the cat

Yeah, you told me I own that pearl, yeah, that’s ’cause I bone you, girl

You should be my only girl, when I hit it, you feel like you own the world

I’m on some kind of drug

Can’t explain all the ways you get me high

I’m on some kind of drug

Can’t explain, don’t keep me waiting all night

Girl, come through, them bath water runnin’

Fire be burnin’ in my hotel room

Come through, champagne be poppin’

System be knockin’ in my hotel room

Yeah, ah, since the last time we had sex, honestly, I’ve been a mess, well

Fiendin’ ’cause you got the best, borderline kind of obsessed and yeah

I’m on some kind of drug, I’ve been addicted and I cannot find enough

I call you, I’m tryna fuck, I’m in room 921, come on up

And we could put up the “please do not disturb”

I got the drink, I got the herb, I’m tweakin’, now I must be cured

The only way I rest assured is if, I get my fix

I love the way your dress just slips right off your waist, right down your hips

Technique’s the best, she knows some tricks and yeah

I need you now, I need you bad

You and me both been fiendin’ bad, I guess what I really mean is that, yeah

I’m on some kind of drug

Can’t explain all the ways you get me high

I’m on some kind of drug

Can’t explain, don’t keep me waiting all night

Girl, come through, them bath water runnin’

Fire be burnin’ in my hotel room

Come through, champagne be poppin’

System be knockin’ in my hotel room

Them bath water runnin’

Fire be burnin’ in my hotel room

Come through, champagne be poppin’

System be knockin’ in my hotel room

We ain’t playin’ anymore

Privacy on the door (privacy is on the door)

We ain’t playin’ anymore

Privacy on the door (when we finish baby, ain’t gon’ need no more)”

As I finished singing, the next song that came on is, Real by NF, I went right into it as I stepped out of the shower, rapping every line perfectly.

Celina’s POV:

I quickly jot out of Talia’s room and go to mine, looking into the camera and saying,

“Leave your thoughts below, that was two songs she did, could she be the next American Idol?”

I put my sneakers on, then post the video, grabbing my charger for the car and my ipod, I heard the door to Talia’s room open and close. I leave my room heading downstairs, Talia was dressed in shorts, a tshirt, and sneakers, her hair was up in a messy bun and she had on light makeup, she was holding a G-Eazy hoodie in her hands, it was starting to cool down a bit outside. I grabbed my NF hoodie and looked at my best friend and asked her,

“Are you ready to see some ghosts?”

I wiggle my eyebrows at her, making her laugh and reply back to me,

“Yeah because you are the ghost believer, and I think its all bullshit!” she smiled at me after that.

“Okay you shall see bestie!” I replied to her.

“Yeah I guess so, lets get the hell out of here and go meet our two guy partners for the night.” she says to me.

Talia’s POV:

We leave the house, lock up and head for my car, we get in and Celina hooks up her ipod and sets up the playlist, my phone dinged but I ignored it and started the car and backed out of my driveway and headed towards the Montgomery Insane Asylum. The drive was about 10 minutes and Celina had played Die For You by G-Eazy, Remember This by NF, Order More By G-Eazy, If You Want Love By NF, and You Got Me By G-Eazy. When we pulled up, we parked next to a nice car, as I Mean It By G-Eazy starts, our windows were down and the guys in the nice car looked over at us, we rolled up our windows, left our purses and just took our cell phones and cameras with us. The guys in the car next to us got out when we did, Celina and I head towards the organizers, spotting our organizer for the night Garret, Celina and I stop in front of him,

“Talia Jones and Celina Brown checking in,” I say as we look at him.

“Awesome! Glad you girls could make it! You will need to fill out these forms,” he hands us each a clipboard of papers, “Then return them and I will give you bracelets for your group, your color is Black.”

I nodded at him, “Sounds good,” he hands us each a pen.

We go sit in one of the folding chairs that were sitting on the lawn in front of the Montgomery Insane Asylum, we fill out our paperwork, then go return it.

“Okay you will need to find Gerald and Nate, the rest of your group, here is the 4 bracelets for your group, here take your name tags that is the only way they will know who you are and you will know who they are.” he hands us the 4 black bracelets with Montgomery Asylum on it, and name tags that had my name on one and Celina’s on the other.

I turn to Celina and hand her a black bracelet and her name tag, she puts them on, I slid my black bracelet onto my wrist, as I was putting my name tag on, my knee started throbbing, I ignored it. I looked around as did Celina, trying to find Gerald and Nate, we started walking around looking at everyone’s name tags, until I ran into Nate,

“Shit I am so sorry!” I say as I look at him, he looked kind of familiar.

“It’s okay, are you okay?” he asks, checking to see if I was hurt, his eyes landed on my knee that was throbbing.

“Yes I’m okay,” I smile at him and look at his name tag again.

“Your knee is bruised,” Nate says as I read his name tag Nate F.

“Oh I am fine that happened before I came here, I think you are on our team, here is your bracelet,” I hold out his bracelet to him.

“I’m Nate by the way,” he says smiling and holding out his hand.

“I’m Talia, where is your partner?” I ask taking his hand in mine and shake it.

“Bathroom, who is that girl that keeps staring at us?” Nate asks me, I turn my head to look the way he was looking.

“Oh that is my best friend Celina, she is my partner,” I smile and look at Nate, then I pulled my hoodie on, since it was starting to get slightly chilly, I pulled the sleeves up as Celina walked up and Gerald walked up to Nate.

“Nate who are these ladies?” Gerald asks Nate, looking at us, his eyes fell on my hoodie, then on Celina’s.

“Our partners, Talia,” he pointed to me, “and Celina,” he pointed to Celina.

I held out my hand to him, he took it instantly smiling, “Pleasure to meet you.”

“You too, here,” I hold out his bracelet, “that is your’s so everyone inside knows which team you are with.”

He takes it from me, his fingertips brushing against my skin, sending butterflies to my stomach instantly, “I love your hoodie.”

I smile at him, “Thank you.”

“Oh I am Gerald by the way,” He says smiling at me.

“It’s nice to meet you Gerald,” I say as Celina looks between us.

“It’s nice too meet you too Talia,” He says looking at me sweetly.

My phone chimes I look down, seeing a video call from my brother who lives in London, “I’m sorry give me a moment,” I excuse myself.

I pick up the call as I am walking away, “Hayds! I miss you!”

He smiles at me, “I miss you too Tal, how is everything? Is Celina all moved in finally?”

I look at him, “It’s good, yes she is, she dragged me to this paranormal event at Montgomery Insane Asylum, and you know I don’t believe in this shit, but she is my best friend and pretty much a sister, so I am doing this for her, I am team Black!” I hold up my wrist so he can see my black bracelet.

“That is awesome! I hope you guys have a good night, call me tomorrow? I don’t want to tie you up,” My brother smiles at me again.

“Okay Hayds! I will call tomorrow when I wake up okay? And I will take lots of pictures so you can see!” I say smiling back at my brother.

“Bye Tal I love you! Gina says hi and she loves you!” Hayden says, pointing the camera at his pregnant fiancee.

“Love you too! Love you as well Gina! much love and lots of kisses for you guys! I will talk to you guys tomorrow.” I say.

We hang up and I walk back towards my best friend and the guys.

Celina’s POV:

Gerald watches Talia walk away, he looks at me, then Nate, I take a deep breath and say,

“It’s her brother, he lives in London, she doesn’t get to see him much.”

Gerald nods, his eyes on Talia, Nate looks at him then me, “That sucks.”

“Yeah she puts on a tough, brave face, but I know it bothers her the distance, she is really close to him,” I say, trying not to give out to much of her info.

Talia walks back towards us, Gerald doesn’t take his eyes off her and I begin to think he could be rapper G-Eazy and just isn’t telling us, and Nate looked a lot like NF.......

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