The Unseen

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The Beginning Of The Night

Talias POV:

I arrived back at my group after the call with my brother, my knee, elbow and shoulder were all throbbing and driving me insane but I pushed the pain away,

“You okay?” Gerald asks, looking me up and down, seeing only the bruised knee.

I smile at him, “yeah I’m fine why?”

“Your knee...” he points at it and I look down.

It’s swelling a bit, Celina takes my keys and walks to the car before we have to head to the organizers, she returns handed me a knee brace,

“Put it on it’ll help until the nights over,” she has her I’m so sorry look on her face.

“It’s okay,” I go to lean down to put the brace on but lose my balance, Gerald grabs onto my arm before I fall over.

“Thanks,” I say looking up at him.

“Anytime,” he said back to me smiling.

Nate takes the brace from me,

“Let me help you.”

I grab ahold of Gerald and raise my leg up so Nate can get the brace on for me, he squats down and puts it on then he tightens it slightly and stands up.

“Thank you Nate,” I say smiling at him.

“You’re welcome,” he said before we headed towards our organizers.

Gerald let me go, then I let him go and limped towards Garret and Devin, when we got there they smiled at us all,

“You guys ready for this?”

We all nodded, then Devin said,

“Okay then let’s get inside! All us organizers will be by the front doors, if there is a problem you guys push the panic button and someone will find you and get you out.”

Devin hands each of us a panic button, Garret looks at us all,

“Don’t explore alone, if you get separated there’s a button on that device to alert your group, you press the black button for team black, it will send out an alert to the other devices that you got separated and will turn into a Walkie-talkie so you can locate your group member, careful of the other groups don’t interfere with whatever they are recording, try to stick together if you can’t stay 4 to a group at least break into 2 teams of 2, if you get lost you can alert your team members with the red button, your goal is to make it through the night, yes some people have died during this but that’s because they didn’t listen.”

We all nod at him, then we follow them inside, I slip my device into my shorts pocket, I put my phone on silent, I snap a quick picture of the inside of the asylum, I took pictures a lot to mark the memories, Celina touches my arm as the organizers finish up, I jump slightly snapping back into reality,

“We’re ready to get moving you good?”

I nodded and smiled at my best friend,

“Ghosts aren’t real so what do I have to worry about?”

I laughed a little and so did she before the 4 of us headed towards the stairs, Celina pulled out her video camera and began to record as we walked upstairs and the darkness was beginning to consume us, we got to the top of the stairs and looked around, Celina smiled when she spotted a long dark hallway,

“This way!”

We followed her, I was starting to hear strange noises but ignored them, I kept close to Celina the boys were close behind us, we stopped by an open door, we looked inside, it was run down and dried blood everywhere, something bad happened in this room, Celina stepped inside, so we all followed her, Celina moved the camera all over the room, giggling as she did, I looked around and saw the door move slightly, I just shook my head for a moment and balanced myself onto my good leg, we spent an hour up in that hallway, I kept pushing the noises off to be the other people here for the event, I didn’t believe in ghosts nothing would change that. About 5 minutes later we stepped into a different hallway, each of us looked into a different room, I pulled out my phone and turned the camera on with the flash, recording the room I stepped into, as I moved towards the window, the door slammed behind me, I screamed and heard pounding on the door,


“Open the door!!!”

I ran to the door and tried turning the knob it was locked,

“Okay not fucking funny!” I yelled.

“Talia it’s locked open up!” Gerald yelled back.

“Seriously let go of the knob guys it’s not funny anymore!” I yelled as I heard something behind me.

I slowly turned, pointing my camera at it, I froze all the air left my lung as I stared at something unholy and not alive, I could hear the others pounding and yelling,

“Talia!!!! Answer us are you okay??!”

Then the door opened, I felt arms around my waist pulling me away as I stared out the window into the night.


I didn’t look at the voice speaking to me,


I still didn’t response, I felt someone gently grab my chin, then I was lookin into Gerald’s eyes,

“Talia...what happened in there?”

“I don’t know,” was all I could manage to say.

I kept an arm around my waist as he pulled me away from the room, Nate and Celina were walking in front of us, talking and flirting, I was trying to piece together what happened, it was scary and felt like a dream, ghosts aren’t fucking real are they?!

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