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The clockmaker, is fast on the job; but he does not realize what a death defying job it will soon be..... Good thing he is not alone, and may even receive some unexpected help from family.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: Dreams.....

Occasionally they seem to have a story to tell.....

Mostly for the dreamer, they seem like fragmented pieces of past’s recollections. Times of forgotten childhood experiences; some good, others not so good; and visualizations of imagination.

Creativity reigning in on an individuals’ chaotic thoughts of subconscious thinking.

The old clock that loomed tall before the observer was casting a shadow immediately behind in the six o’ clock position. It felt as if something was now breathing cold air upon his neck. The observer looked left and right. No other shadows were present. This seemed strange to the observer, but something of a sixth sense was sharing upon the man’s silent thoughts to avoid looking behind.

The observer approached the clock, and time itself seemed to slow.

Apparition of mind’s unexpected influences manifest, the shadow began to creep of its own will. Working a countering of the clockwork mechanics of timed regularity.

Eyes, vile and forged of many atrocities of past cruelties looked upon the observer, but the observer refused to look back. Light of a brilliance that the observer could not for any constant length behold now raised before the doorway to the clockworks.

From visage of light’s manifestation of deliberate recognition, the form is quickly recognized of a being of illumination yielding what appeared to be a reaper scythe. This, for many the interest in history and in archeology is a representation of father time, or by Greek mythological story telling; the god Cronus.

The apparition spoke to the observer as he slept.

..... Beat the clock..... Look upon Cronus, but not upon his shadow.....

Sonny, now jerked fast awake. Turbulence shaking him from his time of rest. The guy that was sitting in front of him had straightened his seat. Thoughts of a nice smooth flight now being lost on his mind, Sonny readjusted his position and attempted to return to rest.

Sonny, He still had about five hours and thirty minutes to reach his landing destination, and he handled flying much better when he was not awake to experience all the negative effects that are associated by the many people, that are knowingly uncomfortable with air travel.

The curious dream, it was playing on his thoughts. For Sonny, he had last dreamed like this many years back, just after his grandfather had passed.

..... Clockmaker, Clockmaker..... Watch of his hands but look not upon his eyes...... For of Cronus’ shadow, all men do despise.....

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