The Intrusive Girl

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Chapter 2

I stare wide-eyed into the phone, as Aiden shows me all the interesting stuff he found in the haunted house. Aiden makes a joke and we are both laughing our lungs off. After a while, we calm down, and he says to me to a melancholy voice,

“ It’s no fun without you here Lills, I wish you were here.” I touch the phone screen wistfully.

“I wish I could be there too; it looks like a blast. Don’t worry about me; I’m fine. You have fun.” I answer him smiling sadly. He smiles at me for a moment before his eyes lock on something behind his phone. His eyes widen in fear as he drops the phone. Worriedly, I shout for him, but all I hear is Aiden screaming. Then, I hear the sickening sound of a body dropping on the floor, and blood splashes onto the phone. Speckled, crimson covers his camera screen. Then, the facetime ends abruptly. I scream for help and my mom comes bursting into my bedroom. I start sobbing as she comes over to comfort me. Soaking her nightgown with tears, I haphazardly explain what just happened over the facetime. Her skin pales and her hands become clammy. She immediately contacts the local police, and there is a thorough investigation launched about Aiden’s death. The police locate his body in the haunted house, but they are unable to solve the mystery of his death. After a couple months of investigation, they dissolve his case and determine that it was suicide. Seven months have passed, and people are slowly starting to forget about Aiden. Not me though, I miss him everyday and I have pledged to find out the truth about his death and avenge him.

Marie’s loud cough brings me back to the present.

“ Lillian, are you listening to me! We are not going to that haunted house!” Marie exclaims. After Aiden, Marie was my second closest friend, and I am very thankful for her. Aiden’s death had caused me to sink into a hole of depression, but Marie had brought me back to the brink. However, Marie was just not Aiden. Marie was a bookworm who loved sticking to the rules while Aiden was a troublemaker. Aiden’s death hadn’t defused my love for adventure, but had caused it to enlarge. Now, the stunts I participated in weren’t only fun but also dangerous. This pastime was like I drug I was addicted to. For some reason, doing these dangerous things, helped me feel closer to Aiden. It reminded me of the old times, when Aiden and I would do these thrills together.

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