The Intrusive Girl

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Chapter 3

Marie snaps her fingers in front of my face.

“ Come on Lillian, it sounds very dangerous. Please don’t do this,” Marie pleads with me. I cast my eyes downward and stare at my feet to avoid her eyes. I didn’t care what Marie or anybody else had to say about me visiting Skidmore Street. I needed answers and no one was going to stop me. Marie sighs in disappointment when she realizes that she wouldn’t be able to persuade me not to go.

“ Fine, but I’m coming with you,” Marie says to me. My head snaps up in surprise.

“No! No!” I begin to protest while shaking my head but Marie cuts me off,

“ I don’t care what you say Lillian, but I am coming with you and that is final!” Marie exclaims firmly. Seeing the determination in her eyes, I reluctantly agree to let her come. I just hope I don’t regret the decision to let her come. The school bell rings, so Marie and I rush toward the high school. I can’t focus on any of my classes throughout the day because I am too restless. The final bell rings signalling that school is out of session, so I immediately pack up my things and sprint out of the classroom.

Marie and I meet in front of the school building to discuss our plans for later.

“ So, let’s meet at about 7:00 p.m. in front of the haunted house,” I suggest. Marie nods okay, so we go our separate ways. At 6:30 p.m., I am fully ready and dressed in all black. My mother left this morning on her business trip, so I don’t have to worry about sneaking past her. I climb on my teal bicycle and travel to Skidmore street. Although Skidmore Street isn’t that far from town, as soon as I enter that neighborhood, it feels like I entered a different universe. The air chills significantly, and I am shivering in my black hoodie. I quickly arrive in front of the haunted house. Marie appears a few minutes later huffing and panting on her bicycle. I grin at her unfit state and Marie just glares at me. We place our bicycles next to the iron gate in front of the house, and admire the house. A raven,curving driveway leads its way up to the house, where a stone entrances arches gracefully. The stone entrance leads to a magnificent mansion. The mansion is massive with a sleek, slate interior. The tiny metal gargoyles on the roof of the house, glimmer in the pale moonlight. The mansion is beautiful, but in a creepy way. Broken fountains litter the front lawn and the entire house is covered in cobwebs. Parts of the house are shy of falling apart, and the entire place reeks of misery.

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