The Intrusive Girl

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Chapter 4

“You ready for this, Lillian?” Marie asks me. I simply nod and think of the memories this place brings me. I grab Marie’s hand and pull her toward the driveway of the house. We have to step over broken pieces of glass, until we reach the front porch. The front porch is covered with fog that engulfs me up to my knees. I glance at Marie who is staring off into the distance, pondering on something thoughtfully. Gently nudging her, she puts her attention back on me and she gives me a strained smile. I grab the doorknob, and the heavy door opens with a creak. Marie and I step inside the house, and I am flabbergasted.

The high ceiling is a planetarium and is painted with hundreds of ivory stars. They all seem to twinkle down at me. The chandelier is covered with layers of dust and the maroon couches wear cobwebs. I turn to see Marie’s reaction to all of this, but for some reason, she is unsurprised. She just calmly struts into the house like she owns the place. I follow her and we both create a plan to investigate the house for any clues about Aiden’s death. Together we investigate the main floor, but come up with no results. All we find is an old diary of someone named Rosie. Marie and I decide to split up so we can cover more ground. I agree to search the basement, and Marie agrees to search upstairs.

As I head down to basement, my heavy footsteps on the stairs send spiders scurrying away from me. I pull my flashlight out, so I am not just blindly stumbling around in the dark. In the basement, there are crates filled to the brim with artifacts. My eyes widen incredibly; there could be something leading to Aiden in these crates. After rummaging through the crates for about 30 minutes, I come up empty-handed. Sighing in disappointment, I decide to go see if Marie had discovered anything. I go up upstairs to try and find Marie. When I reach upstairs, I am confused to why I hear two voices talking. I quickly rush down the halls to find Marie. I finally locate her in the last room in the hallway, but she is talking to some strange hooded figure.

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