The Intrusive Girl

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Chapter 5

“Why are you here?” The strange figure questions with a hoarse voice, “ I let you go once, but it seems that you are taking advantage of my generosity.” Confused, I peer through the little glass panel on the door, so I can hear better. Marie starts trembling.

“ I’m s-sorry!” Marie stutters, “It wasn’t my choice. She wanted to come here and there was no stopping her.” The figure slowly grins.

“ There is another person here? Well, looks like you finally did some good.” The figure replies, “ Marie, you know what to do. Kill the girl and bring her to me.” Marie furiously shakes her head.

“ NO WAY! I’m not killing her. She’s my friend. I won’t do to her what I did to Aiden.” Marie screams, “ My debt to you from trespassing is repaid.” I gasp in shock over what I just heard.

The figure just narrows its eyes at her. “ Yes, what you did to that boy months ago was nice, but I want more! You trespassed onto my property twice now, so you deserve to be killed. However, I am being kind and simply asking for a couple of favors.”

“How can you be so cruel, I have been your slave for four years. Since I was 10, you have made me do your dirty work. First it was easy, I just had to steal jewelry from the local stores, and I thought I would stop being your slave after that. But no, you wanted more. You made me kill. You made me kill Aiden! Aiden was just an innocent boy wanting to have some fun.” Marie sobs uncontrollably, “ I made one simple mistake; now I am suffering a lifetime of consequences. Have some humanity in you, and please let me go!”

“One simple mistake! You trespassed onto my property when you were 10 years old. I should’ve just killed you, you filthy slave, but I didn’t. I spared you. Now, you better kill your friend!” the figure roars. Marie stands up straight, and looks the figure in the eye.

“NO! I will not kill her. She is my best friend, and I am tired of being treated like trash. I will not kill her!” Marie screams into the figure’s face. The figure snarls at her.

“ Well then, it looks like there is no use for you.” The figure replies to her. He flicks his wrist, and Marie is immediately pinned to the wall. A scream is lodged in my throat as he comes closer to her and grins evilly. “ It has been so long that I have had fun.” he says. Marie thrashes frantically to try and release herself from the wall, but it is no use; she is immobilized. My eyes fill up with tears over Marie’s confession, and I know I should run away, but I am too shocked to move. It is as if my legs are stuck to the ground. I watch, helplessly, as the figure approaches Marie. The figure touches Marie’s forehead with his pointer finger and his finger starts giving off a weird, silver glow. Marie looks up confused, until she starts twitching uncontrollably. Her eyes roll to the back of head and she falls to the floor. Her body is thrashing violently as she lets out a deafening screech.

“No! No! Please make it stop!” Marie pleads, tears streaming down her face. I watch from behind the locked door feeling terrified. The figure towers over her and looks at her almost sympathetically.

“ This is what happens when you do not listen to me. You are only receiving the punishment that you deserve.” The figure says cruelly. The figure pulls out a silver knife from his pocket. He kneels next to Marie, and brushes her dark curls away from her face. Marie is still shaking on the ground, with her eyes glazed over. When she notices the figure in front of her, she starts to scream. Then without warning, the figure plunges the knife deep into her heart. A loud gasp escapes from me as Marie collapses completely on the floor, no longer moving. Marie’s blood seeps into the floor leaving her drenched in a pool of burgundy. The figure’s knife is also polished with crimson and scarlet blood drips down it’s black hilt. Tears are falling from my eyes as I silently cry for my late boyfriend and for my late best friend. Although Marie was a traitor, she did try to make it right in the end.

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