The Intrusive Girl

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Chapter 6

Finally able to move, I stumble backwards into the open hallway and fall onto the floor. I can’t fully comprehend the gruesome situation that had just unravelled before me, but I knew that I had to leave the house as soon as possible. Trembling with fear, I rise and sprint down the stairs to the front entrance. Just before I grasp the brass doorknob, I am slammed into a nearby wall by an unknown force. The old, wood wall heaves from my weight, and it causes cracks to adorn the wood. I turn around slowly and come face to face with the cruel figure I had seen upstairs. The mysterious figure steps forward with a sick smile on its face. It flicks his hand, and I am chained to the wall by invisible ropes. Struggling to get free, I release a piercing scream that shakes the building. However, the figure is unfazed and simply comes closer to me so I can smell it’s rotting breath. It’s blood-red eyes stare down on me, and it whispers in a hoarse voice,

“ Goodbye.”

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