Checking Out

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I felt cowardly, but I also knew it was what I had to do. I had been trying to let Jason go for so long, and now that I had done it, I was resolved in my decision. It wasn't giving up, some day I still hoped to get back to some semblance of normalcy, but there were things to be done first.
I left my car abandoned in an alley behind a nondescript apartment building, leaving it locked up tight, hoping to buy some time. I used too much of my remaining money to get a new car, although it took me almost two days to finally find a place sketchy enough to get one without any questions. I had to use my ID again, which meant I wouldn't be able to use it for long, but it would serve my most immediate purposes.
I would have to change my look again, there were most certainly cameras at the hospital that caught my appearance on tape, which was why I switched cars in the first place. I wouldn't make any mistakes this time, I was planning my complete disappearance from the world. Before I could do that, though, I had to take some risks, because if things went south, there would be almost no reason for me to keep going, except maybe revenge.
Four days later, I was sitting in my car on the street outside of the hospital emergency room, as far away as I could be and still see the comings and goings. It was killing me to not be able to just walk in and ask, but that would make Jason's entire struggle in vain. I sat up a little higher when I saw the two people I had been hoping to catch a glimpse of ever since I dropped my best friend off, bleeding and unconscious.
Jason's mother and father walked through the emergency room doors, trailed by his little sister. They all looked beaten, and I could tell, even from my distance, that his mother was crying. I tried to keep an eye on them, but they disappeared from view as they walked further in. I waited, barely breathing, the heat of the car oppressive. It paid off when, a few minutes later, his mother burst out of the doors, crying harder, and my stomach fell to somewhere around my feet. Oh god. He couldn't be dead.
My panic was for nothing, though, when a moment later, her face split into a grin, and his father came out to join her, hugging her tightly, ignorant of the crowd of people walking past them, in and out of the doors. They moved off to one side, and his sister joined them, also smiling.
I could feel tears running down my face, but for the first time in a long time, they were not tears of frustration. He would be okay.
I started the car, going over everything that I now had to set in motion. I had already written two letters, one explaining how Amy had killed all of those girls, and the other taking responsibility for it myself and claiming that I had kidnapped my best friend, and gotten him stabbed. Time would tell which one I would have to send. I had to find Amy and David. I had to find a way to get past this horrible hunger without eating someone else. I had to find a way to contact my dad, though Jason would probably help in that department. I had to keep an eye on the news back home, and make sure they didn't try to pin it all on Jason. I had to make sure he didn't do something stupid, like try to find me. As I drove down the road, heading towards the next step in this hopefully temporary farce I called a life, I thought about the exhausting amount of hurdles I had ahead of me, but the grin stayed on my face. Those were worries for a different day. For now, my best friend, the boy who had wormed his way into my heart with his stubborn refusal to leave my side, was going to be okay.
And that was good enough.

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