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Dreamed up horrors never too soon to relent,.... Little seemingly insignificant slices of death that haunt us in rested sleep..... Darkness rising, the sleeper wakes..... Legends speak of Morphius, of the Sandman as being a master of dreams; and yet what sinister supernatural being hides deep within the terrors of our scariest of dreams, of our darkest nightmares? Darkness rising, the sleeper wakes.... On the walker's claims, Morphius raise the stakes.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Chapter 1: Lines of Leying


Some believe these needed sessions of down time of restorative rest; they are but mimicking actions of waking death.

Some finding themselves to be so chaotically busy in their lives they believe that it would be best to leave sleep to that one final day; where existence faces that unknown change and at times, that all too unexpected passing of one's last days.....

Urban lifestyles assimilated around nature's cursing, to become represented in adversity by destructive leys.....

Lines of energy believed to be of origins unknown, tapped by those with the knowledge of their coded signatures. The leys primordial bore.....

Suberbia the small urban outcroppings of new built homes raising a community, was this place once named. The homes constructed carelessly near the leys, even though native shamans would speak of the dangers of such foolish the lot of land being purchased for their architectural claims.....

These energy leys, when they are tapped by man unwittingly as an unseen source; to reign in sundering control over the guilty with a supernatural force.....

The sleeper to awaken within their dreams..... Their lives no longer as blessed as they once did seem...

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