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flash fiction depicting the deadly sin envy brought into a real scenario

Horror / Other
Benjamin Rosen
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Soft, smooth and beautiful. Such exquisite words to behold such a marvelous thing. Her skin caresses at my touch limiting my senses to want and jealousy. A fleeting emotion that glimpses inside my heart and burns my soul to no end. Her lips firm but elegant as they press to mine, impervious and unknowing to my true intentions. I close my eyes and breath thinking out loud.

This is real

This is real

I hold her hand and kiss the back as a prince to a royal. She does not blush or even revoke my actions. I dare not look her in the eye for fear of this being a dream. I simply hold her hand leavng my lips there wanting her elegance for my own. How the need and want for her superiority drives my mind to question. Such trivial matters eat at me and the sensation to hold back begins to rumble. As if coaxing me to share a soul with her and become one. How could such a beuatiful thing posses such grace and awe?

I rub my hands across her thighs in a polite but shy way. The fluttering rises in my heart and realization of what I was doing crosses my mind. Shaking my head side to side I smile at the perfect proportion of her body. Perfectly symetrical as if the numbers of the universe alinged themselves for her. Or did she align for them? A strange feeling encumbers me once more a burning need to reach the same height drives me mad.

I move my hands up her abdomen, feeling the slim figure she posses and her hips bones across my palms. She does not respond to my intrusive advance and find my gentleness unknowing. I bite my lip as the taste of iron fills my mouth. Her body, her physique is too perfect and her reaction even better. My heart aches wishing for one to idolize me the same way. My obsession growing stronger with each passing second.

I run my hands over her bossoms in a nonchalante manner. Being of lustful intentions never crossing my mind the slightest. Just the idolizing of such a perfect specimen before me. I wrap my hands under her back in a slow soft embrace. I let my chest touch hers as I let her feel my heart beat. Fast and puttering as if an engine on an open road with no obstacles near.

I feel her heart beat as well. It is slow, calm and confident as if unaware of my pressence entirely. That notion alone swells inside me as the feeling of uncertainty envelops my very soul. I need her perfection. I need her symatry. I need her life.

I smile as I raise my face to hers. I catch a glimps of her eyes. This is the first time I fully look into them unashamed. A lushful green that transfixes my soul and ignites that burning desire even further. I want them to stare back into mine but they are quivering. Tears are flowing from them as she stares off into nothing. I shudder as I kiss her forehead, placing my hand under her neck. It is warm and wet.

I feel the warm blood gushing from her jugguler. After all this time she still refuses to let me have the spotlight. Her beautiful body coaxing and tempting me to no end. It is with her life I will be able to trancend her. I will be the one idolized and touched as I have touched her.

She is so beautiful regardless of her fleeting life. Her skin looks pale but her soul wrestles to remain in its mortal coil. I cant help but to blush, such admirable defiance agisnt me. I want that emotion as well. It is mine and it should be mine.

It should be mine

It should be mine

I raise my knife once more and slowly slide it across her neck. This lets her life flow freely to transcend neweer heights. The gushing red envelops me as it sprays on my face matching the blush under my eyes. I will miss her dearly and perhaps too eagerly.

My heart beats faster now.

Her eyes are quivering.

Body shaking.

Blood escaping.

This I vow.

I will be you now.

For Envy More.

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