THE W.E.I.R.D Waking Evil Invoking Realistic Dreams

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Chapter 9: The Rise of Methuselah

The collapses.....

The sinkholes, they were the strangest ever before seen.....

The force of the breaking and moving earth erupting through concrete foundation and branching upward through lower and upper floors.

The young patients hospitalized for stricken by extremes of sleep depravation were gone.

Taken into the buried grounds beneath.

branches from blackened earthen roots and thorn vines, and worm ridden soil beds are all that remain of the holes bored strangely through the many mattresses of patient’s recovery.

The hospital entries, they were now being taped off for cautionary measures, and talks of moving other patients to nearby medical facilities are being whispered among the doctors and the nurses and the external onlookers that are growing disturbed over the strange events.

This particular medical center, it was now looking at a forced contagion situation. The hospital was now to be quarantined until the situation can be assessed by the CDC for thoughts of the affliction by some unknown disease.

The parents gathered outside cried for their children, and the department officials had to fight a mob of people to keep them from entering the zone of contagion.

Seeds of death now planted.....

Pods, cocoon shaped- glowing a green fluorescent quickly raised from the blood an the gore nurtured soil.

The abominate thing of nature’s fouling was now spawning things of its own berthing.

The W.E.I.R.D thing, it was to be but the first of many.

Cells, organs, flesh and blood that once bore that of the living now brings life to birthing once again.

Existences to be stranger danger of extreme mention.....

Undead stalking things twisted plant-like in their inhuman visages.

The W.E.I.R.D thing was of many elements primordial and unnatural..... and as was the thing to be, so too shall be of its berthed seedlings.....

Of its offspring.....

Of its children.....

Red Crow woke with a fright. Many dreams of premonition had he many days to remember. But not such as terrifying as the one nightmare he had just recollected.

“..... Too late!” Red Crow blurted aloud. “Now, the eternal one will rise and we will be drawn into an abyss of damnation.”

Red Crow’s thoughts are on that of his Grandson and of his two charges. But these worrisome thoughts too are late for any seriously minded conceptions.

For the three, they are now hours away, and the evil they will encounter on their arrival within the zone of primordial rising will be a horror unlike that which they have never before seen.

Red Crow now closed his eyes, and drew his mind to a tranced focus. Words of ancient prayer mumbled low from his voice, as he sat cross legged upon the floor beneath his feet.

Of the animal spirits of the natural order he waves, for now there is something of an older mysticism he must seek.

From a vastness of sand a desert now reaches his focused insights.

The scanning of the sands seems to be never ending, for this desert; it is a place of holy sundering.

The eternal one now walked.....

His eyes seemed black and lifeless as he returned a blank uncaring gaze upon the invading watcher.

His face, it was toughened and browned for many days walking within the sandstorms of the Helion plains. It was as if he was wearing a mask of stitched leather upon his ageless face.

His body was thin and frail of appearance, and yet showed no signs of weakening beneath the desert’s sun. His sand scoured flesh protected beneath a black cloak that was darker than the blackest of eves.

“..... Methuselah?

He whom walks for all eternity.....

Hear my prayers, that you may be guided to the breach..... to this unholy place of the blackest of magics..... To this zone of primordial rending.”

The eternal one turned slowly away from the caller of spiritual berth, and silently continued walking.

Forces existing greater than he.

Never before to have been raised was their such an influence of so great the uncertainty.

The abominate thing.....

The W.E.I.R.D, it would not stand as being threatened by that which is deemed as being greater than itself.....

For it too was to be conceived of origins primordial in berth if not immortal of raising.

Blackened roots stretched farther than first contemplated, and no place was beyond the thing’s reach.


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