THE W.E.I.R.D Waking Evil Invoking Realistic Dreams

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Chapter 1: The Night Terrors

Charlie, known these days as being Daydream Charlie; he is a boy that has grown to be fearful of sleep.

Psychiatrists, those heralded as being the best in the science or their fields to be more precise rather than in the business, no matter how hard they try in their various analysis and studies; they are proven incapable of finding out why.

Charlie, he is in his early teens.

His parents, they assign him to private schools and they keep him up on his regularly scheduled psychiatric appointments. This reality not giving the boy much in the reality of loving for his parents. The term loathing immediately coming to mind.

left with no other options, Charlie's parents they have no other choice but to resort to the unwanted use of regular medication by their doctors' legally authorized prescriptions.

Charlie's regular sleeping patterns, they are now under close observation by remote specialists that monitor the boy's vitals as he sleeps.

Their findings as yet, of the teen's unnatural patterned sleep have not yet filled anybody of mention with any amount of confidence.

Their capabilities to diagnose Charlie's many problems, of his psychological issues relating to sleep seem to be nowhere to be found by their talents; seem to be in truth unsolvable.

Medicated with proper dosages, Charlie would eventually sleep, but every cycle of raised patterns in resting initiated some kind of trauma to the boy's health of body.

Frequent convulsions and even seizures suffering the boy, and the mothers' fears.

Thoughts of experimental drugs and of possible hypnosis were now on the minds of the specialists. For their beliefs are that Charlie has a deep rooted association with fear of sleep that manifests itself with debilitating night horrors.

That was before they had heard of a rarely used technique that has been practiced for many years by the ancient Aborigines.

Charlie Stanton, Daydreamer Charlie, he was about to fall under the watchful care of a Pilot.

This pilot now, it was not to be your average operator of planes and of space shuttles and of helicopters. this would be far from aerial vehicular operations.

This pilot, it was to be known as a dream pilot...... what was coming to be known as a stand-in consciousness of shared suggestion. These rare few individuals cast as being dream pilots now to be known as dream-walkers.

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