THE W.E.I.R.D Waking Evil Invoking Realistic Dreams

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Chapter 2: The Dream Walker

His eyes blood shot and his face pale. The boys' refusal to look on the specialist of a doctor did nothing to deter the ambitious young woman of her duty in any way.

Charlie's new doctor, she was secretly known as being- of a peculiar sort. She being what is known by ancient legend as one of six dream walkers, her gift shared with her by the passing of her mother and of her grandmother before her.

She is also known as being a kind of sensitive. One that can read personal energies.

Though many would scoff on these outlandish ideas..... some considering them to be: psychic nonsense..... if she had not ever had her say in how she was to be introduced, she may have even been known as an empath.

Charlie’s eyes widened on sight of the woman.

The boy, he was not all that certain on this particular first meet and greet moment of his growing troubled history; but he could honestly swear if he so willed to, that she; this woman was now inside his head..... reading his thoughts.

The woman, she is obviously two times Charlie’s age, but the boy found himself immediately attracted to the woman.

Her blue eyes and her raven black head of shoulder length hair; and her slim healthy figure, it was not something a growing boy was likely to miss.

Charlie’s new doctor smiled on him, her cheeks blushing ever slightly on his timely eye-locked gaze.

Charlie smiled back as his mother closed the door behind her.

Doctor Margaret Mavis now felt certain that it was a good call to visit the boy in his sleeping space. The boy’s bed seems to have not been used. By the looks of him, not in several days to say the least of the boy’s predicament.

His walls were free of pictures and of posters. His floor was clean and his clothes were either in a hamper or placed away where they need to be.

This, it is unusual for most growing kids, but there is nothing wrong with being tidy. The doctor thought to herself silently musing in comparison of her own- not so consistent tidiness.

With the tidiness of her surroundings now placed easily aside, of her focused thoughts; she was now drawn to focusing on a mental scanning of his personal space.

Something, immediately after she had first entered the boy’s- room and his mother had shut the door. Something had caught her attention; something did not feel right.

For time being, she kept this from the boy and his mother. For she was not there to insight a panic. But the feeling was there. the energies she had recognized were that of the boy and of his mother, and of herself; but there felt as being one other..... this one foreign, and not felling as being so- friendly.

The doctor sat beside him on one side of his bed. His mother chose his reading chair.

The black and yellow piece of vinyl furniture with an NFL logo on each side one of his favorites- it sported his father’s favorite football team The Pittsburgh Steelers.

The doctor started her mental probing slowly. Asking about his thoughts and his feelings before moving in on questions of his dreaming, and more serious sleep disruption questions based on the boy’s frequent nightmares.

“..... I never dream at night..... I dream during the day, and I have nightmares at night.” The boy told the doctor in a low nervous voice. it was as if he had fear his nightmares may hear him.

“..... Charlie? what frightens you? You can tell me. I may be able to help you.”

“..... I..... I cannot talk about my nightmares.”

“Why Charlie. What is in these nightmares that threatens you so?”

“..... Something bad..... it will consume me within. eating me alive with its multiple mouths and gibbering and gnashing teeth.”

Doctor Margaret Stanton nodded on the boy understandingly.

Charlie's mother shook her head in anguish, her eyes on her son worryingly. "Have you never heard anything so strange, so weird?"

Charlie's new doctor grimaced. she did not think this was immediately the best of ideas; but now felt as if she had no choice.

"..... I have dealt with a problem of this nature before, and I am hesitant to offer my opinion on the matter; but I will offer my assistance..... I have a friend. he is like me; but is more suited to dealing with this- dreaming abnormality."

His mother raised her hands in a show of grief.

Margaret smiled on a reading of Charlie's mothers' thoughts.

"Do not worry Miss Mavis..... Henry, he will be the last specialist you and Charlie will ever need......

In the mean time, I have been authorized to prescribe some medicine to aid Charlie in getting some sleep....."

Charlie's doctor handed his mother one bottle of pills.

These are rem suppressors. These should help Charlie to get a good night sleep until Henry's arrival.

Charlie's new doctor discussed the medicine as Charlie slowly drifted away to dream. His eyes on something few could ever claim as seeing. He was in a happy place. His surroundings were peaceful. He was near a lake and the air was cool and comfortable; and a girl he had not seen for many years was standing beside him.

Margaret looked hopeful on the boy. She was sharing his daydream quietly with an assuring smile.

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