THE W.E.I.R.D Waking Evil Invoking Realistic Dreams

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Chapter 5: The Dreambreaker

"..... JAM?"

"What's wrong Charlie?"

"..... Something..... something's coming JAM..... Something bad."

Jeanne looked on Charlie thoughtfully from her home position behind the preparation bar countertop as she cautiously sliced carrots and potatoes for the evening's supper.

"..... Bad dream Charlie..... why don't you..... Find roots and sunder the tree?"

Charlie's eyes grew wide.

His mother slowly contorted in an awkward less than human appearance. Her back twisting unnaturally without the sounds of breaking bon and her head stretched towards him from between her legs on black vines of some reeking barbed plant.

Charlie's mother was now taking on the horrific visage of an oddly serpentine humanoid apparition.

Charlie backed slowly from the thing that was definitely not his mother. His teeth chattered and his legs trembled.

"..... You.... You're..... not my mom....."

"What's the matter Charlie? Can't find the roots?"

The thing's voice sounded deeper than anything Charlie ever had before heard. The words seemed to be coming from the depths of the earth itself. The speaking of the thing seemed to echo all around the boy increasing his fear.

The snake-face thing that once feigned at being his mother advanced slowly on the boy.

Charlie now stood completely petrified, his body rendering a sleep paralysis as his eyes teared in a continual gaze on the terrifying entity stalking near.

Finger nails normally neat and trimmed grew to abnormal lengths, their tips pointed in curved beast-like talons.

"Come Charlie..... I shall take you to these roots....."

Unexpected illumination of brilliance flashed bright before his wakening eyes.

Charlie closed his lids reflexively in a need for protection from the brightness of the light while blocking the horrific advancing apparition with his arms crossed before him.

"No! Stay Away!' Charlie cried aloud to the thing.

Another's voice now called on the boy. These words seeming to carry forth from the brilliant white illumination.

..... Charlie? Do not fear the thing Charlie..... it is but a dream- a nightmare.....

Awaken Charlie, and this truth you will quickly see."

Charlie now turned his head back to gaze through his shielding crossed arms as he slowly blinked his eyes open.

Large and somewhat obvious of recognition, a dreamcatcher charm floated above the floor swimming within the brilliance of the illumination.

Six feathers hung low from the center knitting of the charm blew gracefully as if the catcher was being manipulated by an unseen wind and silver bells attached to the exterior of the charm- six in number; jingled as if being motivated by the shaking of an unseen hand.

One string opposite of the last fracture snapped.

..... Wake up Charlie! The unseen individual speaking to him from afar through the illumination now commanded the boy with a greater sense of urgency.

The thing's talon claws were slowly breaching the barrier of brilliance. The catcher slowed its animations and shuddered with an eerie silence.

The thoughts of the thing now reached for his own.

"No!" Charlie shouted aloud.

The boy abruptly awakened from sleep.

He was breathing heavy in sequence with the rapid beating of his heart and felt as if he were having some kind of attack.

Jeanne came running frantically through his bedroom door and immediately knelt to his side.

Charlie was soaked with sweat. The boy wiped the sweat from his brow with his left pajama top shirt sleeve the best he could.

"Charlie?! What is it? Are you alright?"

".....N... nothing JAM..... Just a dream."

Jeanne shook her head. "No Charlie. That sounded like a nightmare to me."

Jeanne embraced Charlie to comfort him.

"Come with me? Well find us something better to do than sleep."

"..... JAM?"

"Yes Charlie?"

".... Do you still have nana's old dreamcatcher?"

Jeanne now looked on the boy curiously. "How did you know about that Charlie?"

Charlie merely smiled in answer to his mother's question wearily. The sleepiness showing in his eyes.

Jeanne dreaded going through her mother's old belongings in silence, but it was a good idea.

Since Charlie had been known as being so adamant the day time dreamer; never before had she ever recollected of him having a nightmare. One dreamcatcher certainly could not hurt.

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