THE W.E.I.R.D Waking Evil Invoking Realistic Dreams

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Chapter 6: The Medicine Man

Margaret smiles on my widely when I see her.

The station, it is not my first choice of transit from one place to another; but I do not like to fly. The train, when possible; is the next great mode of transport that can still span long distances.

She carries a bag with her. I smiled wider.

She must have received my text messages, and now before we check into the community hospital to check up on the kids; we have one important stop to make.

Did you get him the blue or the red label? "I got both just in case."

Margaret smiled wider as she raised the handle supported paper bag so I could look on the liquor store's insignia.

The Johnny Walker insignia catching me of guard a little.

"The Whiskey Exchange?" I asked. Margaret now smiled even wider.

You can buy anything online these days.

We spoke a little on the status of the kids as she escorted me to her car.

The Mercury Cougar, it was a conservative automobile; but still it was a pretty nice looking ride- dark blue with a black trim. It looked to be a 1995 xr7 if I am not mistaken.

Two of the stricken children had passed in the past three days from their sicknesses of the mind that afflicted the body.

The mysterious circumstances of these untimely deaths, she- said only that this; I would have to see for myself.

"How long has it been since you visited Old Red?" She finally asked me.

Avoiding the inevitable flashing back of memory, I told her it had been about ten years.

Old Red, was a favored name of our own familiarity interests. The man's real name being Red Crow, Mojimbo Red Crow.

The man is a native American, a Cherokee as you might have guessed, but he is much more than this. He is a shaman.

Old Red Crow is helpful in dealing with those victims that are haunted by their dreams, or worse yet; stalked by their waking nightmares.

The man is a natural healer- a medicine man, and a craftsman of talismans and of amulets.

I will see if he can mend my dreamcatcher and provide us with something a little more in protecting one from nightmares.

It will take us a few hours to reach his place on the reservation. until then, we catch up on old times.

"The dreamcatcher yet fails..... The pilot and the guide seek something more....."

"Grandfather? What is it that you speak of?"

"..... Seeds young Thea..... The seeds that sprout roots of the trees..... I hear them calling for the leaves....."

"It is near fall grandfather."

"Yes... and the leaves shall not return for yet another season... The elements, they are out of harmony..... Something blackens the song of nature's berth....."

"The Pilot grandfather?"

"Yes.... he is one known long to me... he and another now come seeking protection.....

This day I shall teach you to mend catchers of dreams and to craft talismans of warding with precious stones.... When they arrive here, we shall have ready that which they seek."

"..... Will you go with them grandfather?"

"No, young Thea….. I am as yet much too old to be battling sicknesses wrought by the mind's afflictions from nightmares and from demons.....

You young Thea..... I shall send you in my place....."


"You are ready young Thea..... You have awakened as a young woman and are capable of caring for yourself.....

The pilot, he will need you; for this I see shall come pass."

"Grandfather? are you well?"

"..... Old age, it takes many a toll on me, as it has done with your Grandmother before me..... My time may soon pass, but this is the way of things.... I shall be with you always."

"The spirits, they are kind to us- to the peoples of the earth."

"Yes, and so it would be with others if they would hear them speak; there voices carried on the four winds."

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