Deaths Kiss

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Beverly is attacked in the streets of London and Count Lente saves her just in time, but things only get worse before they look up again.

Horror / Other
Raven Valentino
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Chapter 1

The bell tolled in London and I took that as my cue to head home, the tavern was quiet and dimly lit a few people watched me leave, the door opened with a squeal and the frigid night air made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I lifted my eyes to the sky and the full moon shone brightly. “Be careful now Beverly, anything could be hiding on the rooftops,” I whispered to myself, but then laughed to myself as I began to walk into a dark alley way.

The heels of my shoes clacked against the cobbles, I pulled my little hat over my head a little more, I hitched up he front of my dress a tiny bit keeping it off the dirty floor. My long dark curled hair fell over my shoulders and hung down my back as my pace quickened. I could hear breathing behind me, I stole a glance back and that was when I regretted it, there stood a figure dressed all in black I couldn’t see his face and a weapon glinted in his hand.

I panicked like a spook horse and broke into a run but a carriage blocked my path, by now the figure caught up with me. “Now you’re mine whore!” He exclaimed. He rammed his knife into my shoulder and into the wall keeping me pinned, I cried out in pain and began to cry.

“Please mister let me go! Please!” I begged as he began to unload his tools onto the ground.

“No! Women like you should be destroyed!” He growled and slapped me. That was when he was interrupted.

“You know you shouldn’t strike a woman even if she is a harlot!” The man said, his accent rather posh, highborn no less. All I could see were the cinders of his pipe as he lit it, I was too pain riddled to argue with him.

“Get out of here sir before I also slaughter you,” he said pointing a knife at him.

“I didn’t know you killed men as well.” He spoke rather boldly. “I’ll give you two minutes to pack up and leave or simply I will kill you.”

“It’s none of your concern, leave!” He said, the blade in my shoulder was beginning to get to me, and I was beginning to feel light headed.

“I don’t think you heard me!” The man bellowed dropping his pipe, it was then his eyes glowed a bright blue or so I thought but I just blamed it on the light and my failing vision. This startled my attacker and left all of his things and ran away. “Are you okay madam?” He asked, it wasn’t till he got closer that he saw the blade stuck in my shoulder. “Do me a favour and don’t pass out on me,” he said and pulled the blade, I cried out once again.

I slumped against the wall and slid down it, he now crouched down in front of me I still couldn’t distinguish his features as the shadows still preyed upon his face. “Madam!” He called over and over but I was losing consciousness, he picked me up in his arms and began to walk with me.

“Where do you live?” He asked.

“O. . . On the outskirts of town, the mansion. . . On. . . T. . .the hill.” I said before passing out.

The next morning was rough, I woke up with a tremendous headache I placed a hand on my head, and squeaked in pain as my shoulder hurt and sat up slowly, the curtains were still drawn. The events of the previous night came flooding back to me, I leapt up out of bed but soon fell over forgetting about the blood loss I had experienced. I heard footsteps on the stairs and a voice at my door, it was my mother. “Beverly are you okay?” She called, then opened my door and found me on the floor, she ran to me her face decorated with worry.

“How did I get home?” I asked.

“A count bought you home last night, explained what happened and left.” She said.

“You made your father and I worry, we warned you not to stay out late at night.” She said and helped me off the floor. “Your father saw to your shoulder, and we consulted the doctor and he advised for you to rest till you feel better.” She explained, then helped me back into bed. “Just ring the bell if you need anything.” She said and left me alone.

I sunk down in the bed, my duvet flooding my small frame and sleep over took me.

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