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KRAMPUS..... The anti-clause..... he is having issues...... Kids these days, more are nice than naughty. It seems like he cannot get a break..... Enter Peter Franklin Schwartz P.H.P...., Professional Holiday Personality..... The spirit of Christmas from the perspective of the holiday celebration; it may never be the same..... FROM THE PAGES OF THE BOOKS OF THE FALLEN..... SOMETHING W.E.I.R.D. THIS WAY COMES PART THREE.....

Horror / Humor
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

The Anti Christmas That Almost Wasn't

The big one, he fussed for a few minutes to get comfortable in the chair opposite of the doctor.
P F Schwartz waited patiently, the man a renown psychologist from the lands down south. He is known to be the best analysis of the holiday personality there is, and every one he analyzes; well, there not known for being very nice.....
As children growing, old Santa; he never even had to check twice.....
The worst of them all, he now growled on the small size of the chair.
"If you wish, I can step out in the lobby and grab another?"
Krampus sneered.
"No! The thin weird looking green guy is out their..... He's a bit of a Grinch, and I never did like that smile."
"..... Okay, on with the day's business then..... You say, that you are losing your purpose..... The children are being nice instead of being naughty...... what do you think this means to you deep down inside?"
Krampus scowled. The ante-clause thought silently for many minutes.
"..... I guess my real problem is, that I might have brought this niceness about, by doing the absolute reverse."
"..... Do you care to elaborate?"
"..... It might take a while....."
"That's alright..... Your good for a couple of hours."
Krampus paused, he could hear the long and hairy spindly fingers of the green one tapping again and again on the arms of his chair.....
Like little stray willy wompas on the loose, the fingers were quick to draw on each nerve.
Krampus, he was finding it mighty difficult to handle his temper with care.
"..... I can reschedule the green one's appointment if you wish....."
"No, I am no longer disturbed by his many tapping fingers rythmically pounding on the chair arms beyond the door.
"No more interruptions?"
"No, no..... Nevermore."
"Why don't you start from the beginning?"
"First thing doctor, have you ever drank of any red wine?"
"..... Yes..... Occasionally, with red meat at supper time..... But, this is your time Krampus..... We are here to talk about you not about me."
"..... Quite right..... Well, it started with a particular brewery of some legendary recognition.....
The owner, he wanted to change of the meaning of Christmas; and in doing so, he wanted to change me....."

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