Killer Fox

By Apocynum All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Romance


A six year old boy slowly walks up the stairs leading to his parent's bedroom, holding a 12-inch short sword. He gently pushes the door open revealing his sleeping parents. He walks up to their bed, pulls the blankets back and swiftly pierces his step father's heart, his eyes shoot open and he begins to weakly grab at the sword. His bewildered eyes stare into his step-son's cold, emotionless eyes. A small smile graces the boy's face as he pulls the sword out of his chest and slices his step father's throat. Blood sprays from the fatal wound, and the boy's mother wakes up feeling the warmth of the blood land on her face. She opens her eyes only to see her dead husband and bloody six year old son holding her ex-husband's great grandfather's short sword.

Red and blue light flash through the streets as the police sirens draw tired people from their homes. Police place the boy in the back of a squad car and drive away, leaving the boy's screaming mother behind. The boy is found guilty and is placed in a sanitarium for life. His only thoughts are of the only person who was ever kind to him, a young girl named Suzanna Julia. He quickly became obsessed with this girl and made a silent vow, that he would some day be reunited with her.

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