Bloody Rain

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Chapter Two

He watches as a young girl sneaks up on her friend and causes her to scream.

"Mimi! You scared the life out of me!" The girl whines. His dark grey eyes closed as he listens to her voice.

"I swear I didn't mean too. Okay well maybe just a little, but it's Halloween and everyone is entitled to one good scare." The other girl says, smiling happily at her successful scare. Her friend huffs and begins to walk faster. He follows behind them unnoticed.

"Oh Julie, I'm sorry okay." He stands behind a tree as a police car pulls up to them.

"Hey, Sheriff." They greet.

"Have you guys noticed anything out of the ordinary?" He asks.

"No why?" Julia asks. The Sheriff hesitates.

"W-Well it's getting to the time where kids pull stupid and dangerous pranks."

"No sorry Sheriff, we haven't noticed anything, but we'll keep an eye out," Maria replies. He thanks them and drives off. He watches them as they continue on their way, the whole scare completely forgotten.

"So, have you asked anyone to the dance yet Julie?"

"You know I haven't," she responds sighing.

"I heard that Marcus Green was going to ask you."

"Isn't he the basketball player who has slept with the entire female population."

"Yep, that one."

"Yeah, uh, no thanks," she says scrunching her nose up in disgust.

"Oh come on, at this rate you're going to be the only virgin in the whole school."

"I'm completely fine with that. I'd rather not get his STDs." Hearing this her friend laughs.

"Okay, Mary." He watches them begin to playfully fight. His eyes go dark when he notices someone else approaching them.

"Suzie!" Patrica shouts jumping onto her back.

"Patrica! Get off me!" She shouts flailing arms.

"Come on, we're going to be late," Maria says trying to sound mature.

He watches them hurry off still joking with each other. He clenches his fists as he watches them dirty his angel. He quickly decides that he'll have to take care of them.


I rush into my classroom just as the late bell rings.

"Safe!" I shout out of breath.

"Good job Miss Julia." I blush and rub the back of my neck.

"S-Sorry Ms. Jeffery." She smiles.

"Try not to get here exactly on the bell, please." I nod and take my seat. "Now, today we will start on chapter eleven, so please take out your textbook and begin reading. Once you're done we'll begin the discussion."

The young boy sits on his bed and listens to his parents arguing.

"You're the one who spends all the money on boozes!"

"At least I'm not screwing my boss!" He listens as his stepfather slaps his mother causing her to fall onto the floor.

"You stupid whore!" He shouts as he begins to kick her. The boy gets off his bed and begins to walk out of his room and out the back door. He walks into the woods behind his dirty lime green two-story house and watches the rabbits run across the leaf-covered ground. He stops noticing a deer teaching it's fawn how to stand and a strange urge begins to take over.

He clenches his small hands and quietly begins to walk over towards them. He brings out a short sword he took from his father's collection and slices the fawn wide open. The mother deer quickly runs off leaving its baby behind, in the mercy of the little boy.

I finish reading the first chapter.

"Now that everyone is finished shall we discuss what everyone thinks? Yes, Lucy?"

"I think the environment the boy was raised in is what drove him into becoming what he is."

"Now, what is the boy?" Ms. Jeffery asks.

"He's a sociopath," Lucy responds.

"Is he?" Ms. Jeffery asks. "Suzanna, what do you think?"

"I think, we need to read more before we can properly diagnose him."

"And why is that?"

"Because we can't say if he is as Lucy says, a sociopath, or a psychopath."

"But Suzanna, aren't sociopaths and psychopaths the same?" She says, playing dumb.

"They do have similar characteristics, but they are not the same."

"Very good. Now would someone explain the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths? No one?" She sighs. "Very well, you will write the answer if no one would like to explain." I sigh before slowly raising my hand. "Suzanna?"

"A sociopath is someone who shows the characteristics: repeatedly violates the law, pervasive lying, and deception, physically aggressive, reckless disregard for the safety of self or others, irresponsible in work and family environments, and lack of remorse."

"Good, what about a psychopath?"

"A person who lacks guilt or remorse, lacks empathy, lack of deep emotional attachment, narcissism, superficial charm, dishonesty, manipulative, and is a reckless risk-taker."

"Very good. Now here's your homework, can a psychopath truly love someone? Why or why not." The bell rings. "Have a nice rest of the day," she says smiling, excusing us from class. I begin to walk out of the classroom but Ms. Jeffry stops me. "Oh Suzanna, you did very well today."

"Thank you, and I'll try to be here before the bell rings."

"That's good." I smile at her before heading to my next class.

I meet up with Patrica and Maria after school at our favorite coffee shop.

"So why are you mad Maria?" I ask as Maria plops down into her seat.

"Brian didn't ask me to the dance and it's in a few days!"

"I heard he asked the Sheriff's daughter," Patrica says.

"He asked Lucy!" Maria shouts enraged. Patrica shrugs.

"Why don't you just ask him?"

"Because I would be humiliated if he says no!" She shouts.

"We could just go together," I say.

"We're not in middle school Julie. We need male dates."

"And why is that?"

"So we can have fun after." She says in a duh tone. I shake my head.

"You are such a slut."

"Excuse me, Mary."

"Excuse me, may I take your order." A kind waiter asks after we sit down.

"Oh, sorry, I'll get a medium caramel frappe with extra whip cream," I ask. He nods as he writes it down.

"Will, you two be getting your usual?"

"Yeah." They say together.

"Okay, it will be ready momentarily," he says before going to make it.

"I was thinking of applying here," Patrica suddenly says.

"Oh really, let me guess. The owner is cute." Maria says smirking.

"Hell no he's not, but the barista is," she says checking our waiter out.

"Can we go to one place without you checking someone out."

"I have to appreciate sexiness."

"You did not just say that," I sigh.

"You do know he's younger than us."


"Well, I thought you only liked older men?" Maria asks.

"Well, younger guys are cute. But older men are sexy."

"You are unbelievable," Maria says slightly laughing.

"Oh my god! I just had the best idea!" Patrica shouts, suddenly happy.

"Here we go," I mumble.

"Suzie, you need an older guy."

"No way."

"Oh come on, an older guy has the experience, and, well, that's about it. But. They. Are. Amazing," she says wiggling her eyebrows.

"You look like a weirdo when you do that." She rolls her eyes and flips her blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Maria, you've had an older guy right?" Maria looks at her and moves her red hair behind her ear.

"Once, he was okay."

"He must have lied about his age," Patrica sighs, disappointed.

"Excuse me," the waiter says before he places our drinks down in front of us.

"Thank you," I say flashing him a polite smile.

"You guys would look cute together," Maria says elbowing me in the side.

"Stop it, I was just being polite."

"Uh-huh, sure," Maria says as she eats her cherry.

"Why do you make everything look so dirty?" I ask her.

"She does doesn't she," Patrica says chuckling. Maria smirks and continues to eat her cherry. As Patrica leans down to begin drinking her latte Maria shoves her face into the whipped cream. "You bitch!" Patrica shouts wiping it off of her face. Maria falls out of her chair holding her stomach laughing.

"You guys are going to get us kicked out of another cafe if you keep this up," I say, trying to hold back my laughter. "Excuse me! Could we get some extra napkins?" The waiter nods at me with a horrified look on his face.

"I-I was wondering if I could, uh, g-get your phone number," he asks after he handed me the napkins, a light blush on his freckled cheeks.

"Yes, you can get her number!" Maria shouts giving him my number.

"Maria!" I shout. He thanks her before running off.

"Someone just found their date to the dance," Patrica jokes.


He watches as the boy runs off blushing after receiving his angel's number. He decides to take care of the waiter first. He must be punished for trying to taint her innocence, just like those two sluts.

"Someone just found their date to the dance." The redhead jokes, making his jaw clench in anger. They leave when the sun begins to set.

He waits until the cafe is completely empty, leaving the waiter by himself. He watches him lock up before beginning to walk to his car. While he rustles threw his pockets Alexander silently walks up behind him and runs his short sword straight threw him, cutting threw his spinal cord paralyzing him.

Before he has a chance to scream he covers his mouth and slices his throat. He then stabs him 13 times, one for every time he looked at his angel. Afterward, he carves the dead boy's eyes out for looking at his angel tainting her with their filth. He closes his eyes and listens.

He then throws the dead body into the trunk and drives the car to his childhood hideout, hidden in the woods. Under the cover of darkness, he carries the body into the old hunting cabin and down into the basement and drops the body on the old, dirty, cement floor. He stares coldly with his emotionless eyes at the dead body, admiring his work. He walks back up the stairs to clean and sharpen his blades.

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