Devil Digger

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Three phones rang the next morning at around 11 a.m. It was Andy calling the Gang. This time the Perkins brothers didn't sleep that much and they figured that the others haven't either. He told them to be at the Shed after lunch in order to discuss what to do next.

Jess was the first to reach the Shed, Danny was next. A little later came Nate and the Perkins brothers. None of them were happy, their faces reflected the horrors which they had witnessed. Nate was the only one who didn't see the dead children so he was the most composed out of them all.
'How are you guys?' asked Jess and looked at each of them.
'Like shit,' responded Danny then sat down on the floor, the others followed his example, 'we shouldn't have gone to the church.'
'We all decided together,' said Andy, 'we decided to go.'
'I know but it was too much.'
'We couldn't have known that we're gonna see dead children rising from the grave.' said Chris in a somewhat sarcastic tone.
Nate, who didn't know about that part, opened his eyes wide. He was looking at them, his gaze jumping from one to the other. The first thought that came to his mind was that they are playing a prank on him.
'What? You're joking, right?' asked Nate hoping that is indeed a joke.
'No, we're not,' said Jess throwing a troubled look at the boy, 'after you fainted, the thing with the yellow eyes...'
'Demon,' interrupted Chris,' it was a demon. Not that I believe in demons but...'
'Whatever,' continued the girl, 'so the demon revived three children who were buried in Jonathan's basement.'
'No, that...that is impossible.'
'Apparently, it is possible,' replied Andy, 'they had even killed the priest.'
'Oh my God,' said Danny who looked like he was shaken in a terrible way, 'I'm glad I haven't seen it all.'
'Yeah, we covered our ears because he was screaming as they tore him to pieces.' said Chris and moved his hands as if taking something apart.
Nate was just staring at them, he couldn't reply.
It all seemed so unbelievable yet he had to believe them. He now remembered when they were running away from the church that night. The others were screaming in a chaotic way and asking each other all kinds of things like 'oh, my god, did you see that' or 'I can't believe what I saw' or 'what the fuck was that'.
'The question is now,' said Andy, 'what are we going to do about it?'
'Nothing,' replied Jess, 'we leave it alone.'
'I agree,' said Danny, 'this is way out of our league. It's too much for us. Let's leave it alone and let the adults take care of it.'
'Yeah, you're right. We are kids after all but I'm curious how the hell was that possible.' said Chris who was the one who always sought answers to everything.
'Let it go, Chris. I don't really think we want to know.' said his brother.
'He's right,' said Jess, 'we shouldn't stick our noses into serious shit like this.'
They all agreed that they should try to move on regardless of how difficult it might be. Talking and playing went on for some time but their mood was sullen. After some time, the kids decided that it's time to go home.
At some extent, each of them knew that this isn't going to end here. Events of this magnitude don't just fade into oblivion until everybody forgets them. Darkness has a nasty habit of spreading everywhere if left unchecked. It's like a damned plague and few are immune to its influence.
'Let's go. I'm hungry!' said Chris with much impatience.
'All right,' said Andy, 'we'll meet again later in the afternoon.'
As they were leaving, Jess went close to Andy and slid a little piece of paper in his pocket. He threw a surprised look at her but the girl just smiled. The others didn't see Jess's little mischievous move. Andy didn't say a word but his heart was beating faster all the way until he reached his home.
He ran to the bathroom, took the piece of paper from his pocket and read it. His hand was shaking from the excitement he felt and then the happiness it caused him. The most beautiful three sentences were written on that paper. Curly, angelic letters were singing to him from the paper.
'Thank you for trying to protect me two nights ago! Let's have ice-cream. Meet me at 5 pm at the corner of Main Street and Redwood Street.'
Andy couldn't control his joy, he was way too excited. The only thing he had to take care of was not letting his brother know what he was up to. He will just tell him that he forgot something in the Shed. Hopefully, Chris will believe him and leave him alone.
When the time had come to go, Chris didn't bother. He was watching o documentary on TV. Andy slipped out and headed straight to the corner of Main Street an Redwood Street. The best ice-cream in town was sold there. But he wasn't at all interested in the ice-cream. Jess was on his mind, her green eyes and beautiful blonde hair. An angel straight from heaven in his eyes. Andy somewhat looked up to her because she was courageous, maybe more than him. He felt now that she too was looking up to him. That was because he wanted to protect her. It wasn't even a voluntary move, Andy just did it and he was glad for that.
He arrived a little early. Controlling his emotions and the urge to go was difficult so Andy had left about ten minutes before he should have. People were already standing in line at the ice-cream cart. Jess wasn't there so Andy searched for a bench on Redwood Street. There were fewer people on Redwood Street than on Main Street because it was one of the narrowest from town. After finding a suitable bench, he sat down and was thinking about the following hour or so.
There was only one thing he didn't think about and it caught him by surprise.
'Hey, dickface!' it was Frank.
Andy couldn't run away because Frank was already close to him. Being so absorbed by his thoughts didn't help him. Now he didn't know what to do. Confusion and fear overwhelmed him. Frank was alone or at least that was how it looked like. You could never know if Jim was hiding somewhere nearby or not.
'Now I've got you, shithead,' said Frank and grabbed Andy by the shirt and pulled him up looking straight into his eyes, 'we've got some unfinished business. Where's your little shit-eater brother?'
Andy couldn't respond, he was rendered motionless by the evil stare coming from Frank's eyes. He was disgusted by the greaser's foul breath. Frank slapped him on the face in order to make him talk. Andy didn't cry, but it hurt him. He kept looking around to see if somebody was nearby to help him. He could see nobody, most of the people were on Main Street.
'H-he's h-home.' he finally said after much struggle.
'Don't you lie to me, asshole!' said Frank and slapped him again, this time a little harder.
'Leave him alone, pigface!'
Both of them got surprised by this. A young girl's voice broke their stand-off. They looked to the side, towards Main Street and saw Jess. She was at about four feet from them. Her eyes were blazing but her face also betrayed fear too.
'What did you say, you bitch?'
'Your mother is a bitch,' she replied, 'I didn't know that mating with pigs was allowed around here.'
Frank's face dropped, Andy's too. Frank began to feel his anger building up. Andy was just staring at Jess in wide-eyed confusion. Frank let go of Andy's shirt and took a step toward Jess.
'I will eat your pussy for dinner!' said Frank in a condescending voice but his look betrayed something else.
She saw it, the only thing that scared her. Frank's look which was full of lust whenever he saw Jess. She didn't want to know what was behind that look, what dirty thoughts were snaking inside his atrophied mind.
'The only thing you'll eat is gonna be shit.' she said and gave him the mightiest kick in the balls she could.
Frank fell on his knees and uttered a long whimper. He was clutching his balls and couldn't speak a word. A stare of both pain and surprise was painted on his face. Jess took Andy by the hand and they ran away. A few words somehow came out of Frank's mouth.
'I know y-you're hiding s-somewhere. I will find you all!'
Andy and Jess could barely hear him. His voice was still weak and high-pitched due to the well-placed kick.

The same morning, Victor Whayman was preparing to go to the library. He was eager to meet Christine and have a little fun with her. Last night Sarah approached her husband for some sex but he pretended that he's tired. This morning she came again.
Victor was in front of the mirror arranging his suit when his wife came to him. She embraced him from behind and put her hands on his chest. Victor pretended that he liked what she was doing. He turned and kissed her on the cheek.
'That's all?' she asked and smiled.
Victor looked into her eyes. The wrinkles on her face were becoming longer and longer as time went by. Her breasts started to become saggy a few years ago. He didn't desire her anymore. In her youth, she looked good, not beautiful but he was able to accept her for the money and status.
'Sorry but I have to go.' he said and kissed her again.
'What's so important that you have to leave me here?' she asked and grabbed him gently between the legs.
'I have a few ideas...' he began.
'Yes...' Sarah whispered and caressed him some more.
'And weekends are the only days when I can think about them and...' he tried to come up with a lie.
'I have ideas too,' she said and kissed him on the neck, 'and I will try them tonight. So better don't be tired.'
Victor kissed her once more then left the house. He was smiling until he got out. Then his face turned red. He got into his car and punched the steering wheel with his fist.
When he reached the library, he went straight to his office. Victor was wondering for some time. He was thinking what lie he could tell her wife again but nothing came to his mind. Christine came in, she brought coffee and some cookies. She looked splendid today. She was wearing a short but elegant skirt, black and tight. A white shirt which was half unbuttoned made her very desirable to Victor.
'Hello, my favorite director,' she greeted him but saw right away that something is wrong, 'what's wrong with you?'
'My damn wife, that's wrong.' he said.
'Did she find out...?'
'No, she doesn't know anything. At least I hope not.'
'Then what did she do?'
'She wants to fuck,' he said, 'but I don't. Tonight I can't lie to her anymore. I have to spend time with her. Hopefully, she won't bother me for...let's say forever.'
'Well, I'm sorry.'
'Yeah, me too! This means that today you have to be off-limits. If we do something today I won't even be able to get it up tonight.'
'Don't worry,' she said, 'I will turn you on later and then you will be able to fuck her.'
'Yeah, this sounds like a good idea,' said Victor and pulled her close to him, 'I like your skirt, let's see what you've got under it.'

Andy and Jess headed straight to the Shed. They were running for some time then started to walk. Andy kept looking over his shoulder but Jess calmed him down.
'Don't worry,' she said, 'there is no way he could know where we are.'
'Yeah, I guess so.'
'So much for the ice-cream, right?'
'Yeah, but it's no big deal. We'll have ice-cream some other day.'
'I'm sorry but I really wanted to thank you for what you did.'
'It was no big deal, you know...I didn't even think about it,' Andy responded and then with much shame, he continued, 'I should thank for saving my butt...'
'I can't even believe I did that...'
'I should have done something but...'
'Don't be ashamed about that. He is older and bigger than you.'
'I know but I screwed it up. You saving me, it wasn't how it should've been.'
'Think of it this way,' said Jess, 'we are even, all right?'
'All right, it's ok for me.'
'Besides,' she continued, 'I think it needed more courage to stay in front of a pistol than in front of Frank.'
'Yes, it did.' he replied but didn't believe it.
Before he could do anything, Jess kissed him on the cheek. His face turned red and he felt the butterflies in his stomach going crazy. Andy almost fell because for a moment his legs felt like rubber. He told Jess that he tripped on something and of course she didn't believe him.
They reached the Shed and went inside after examining their surroundings. Andy sat down on the floor with his back to the wall. Jess sat beside him. They talked for some time and Andy felt an increasing urge to kiss her. It was the first time he felt this way. He didn't have the courage to do it just as he didn't have the courage to punch Frank in the face. He hated himself for both of these things. Andy felt that he made a fool of himself in front of Jess. The girl didn't seem to be bothered by this. A little bit later, after some talking and laughing, they went back home.

Victor went home after spending some time with his young mistress. He was all fired up and a little bit frustrated that he couldn't have sex with Christine like he wanted to. The act had remained, let's say, unfinished and he felt his balls almost exploding. Having proper sex with Christeen had to be postponed until the next day. If he doesn't give his wife what she needs tonight, she might get suspicious and he didn't want that.
After a hearty dinner and the usual story-reading by Sarah to her son, they went into their bedroom. Sarah was eager to have some good time with Victor. He had to play his part. For her it felt wonderful, they haven't done it in a while and she really wanted him. Victor did a great job in convincing her that he enjoyed it too.
While he was on top of her, he closed his eyes and was imagining Christine. Victor played out in his mind what he's going to do with her tomorrow. It helped a lot and he could make his wife happy.
'This felt sooo good.' she said while they were laying together in bed.
'Yes, honey, it was very good. We didn't do it for some time.'
'You're always tired. Don't you think that you are working too much?'
'Sometimes I do, but it brings good money for us. I'm doing it for a reason. I'm doing it for our kids.'
'I know,' she said and kissed him on the cheek, 'you are the best husband a woman can get.'
'Thank you, honey. You are so nice.' he said and then they both drifted into sleep.
Before Victor drifted away, he kept playing with Christine in his mind. Soon he felt fired up again, imagining her in his lap and...but that was for tomorrow.
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