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Origins is a series based on a twist of the horror/supernatural genre. Miles Orwood is a 26 year old vessel born from the light of the fallen light. With an ancient ability to travel through any given persons bloodlines or lineage. With a single touch he unravels his targets histories. After attempting to quit seeing into people he is approached by a man of mystery. When approached with an opportunity he seizes it with a heart of curiosity for his own origin. Along his journey he finds he was born by the hands of God through the last light Lucifer shined as he fell into the Pit of the World.The only answer is will he accept his role and save humanity from its fast approaching demise or will he condemn mankind to a biblical era of a new reign of tyranny by the Fallen Angel himself, only time will tell. So enjoy the story of Miles as it comes undone in the series Origins.

Part 1 A Simple Touch

Part One: A simple touch

I never knew how to start my story, perhaps an introduction will help ease my mind for the nightmare ahead. My names is Miles Orwood ,born in November of 1991; I am 26 Caucasian, I am 5′9 with Brown hair and green eyes. My mother would tell me I had green eyes because I always saw the other side. But with my story about to unravel we will both see my story is about the other side...but not what I could have ever expected; or what I was born with. Some are born into money, some poor, and some alone. I was born with the gift of...touch. I was young when I found that I had an ability to find things.

With a single touch I could see an beings entire lineage, bloodline, family tree; whatever you wish to call it. No, I am not pulling your leg, I have made a semi living off this...sadly but you gotta do what is needed to survive. Normally I would just act like a psychic or palm reader and use my visions of their entire life and ancestors to pull the veil over peoples eyes. I guess you could say I am a treasure hunter of sorts. I never hit big and I never used personal information, I gazed into the bloodlines to find buried treasure or artifacts.

I found many things, gold coins, diamonds, archaic statues or bust; one time I touched a woman whom was a direct descendant of Captain Gabriel Archer, an original local to the historic settlement of Jamestown in 1607. Yeah, but some people had dark histories that left me haunted. My 1st blur or vision still leaves me petrified. I was 7 years old in a small town in Wyoming when I shook a mans hand in a carnival; I saw Murders,cops, and plans...and the bodies had a symbol carved into them. The symbol was what I now know to be that of the Zodiac killer, I thought I was just having some weird headache. On my 26th birthday I quit, I wore gloves and worked in a small town mill in Mississippi...until days before I turned 27. I took my glove off and wiped my brow of saw dust and sweat. As I went to put my glove back on a man approached me in all black, he wore a smile that was calming but dark.

"Mr. Orwood, Please follow me, your questions can wait until we get where we are going." he said in an ominous tone.

I stared at him checking for a threat, after a second I told him to lead the way as I checked my pocket for my lucky knife. We walked across the facility to the back office that had been abandoned since my first week there 11 months back. I figured he was new management due to every other worker being questioned.

I put my glove back on as we were walking, I tried my hardest to read him but he had no tells, nothing weird aside of the fact he walked like...death. We finally reached the office which was dusty, dank, and reminded me of a forgotten crypt. The man in black pulled 2 chairs out of a corner and slid one to me.

"Sit, please.” he said calmly.

Is there a reason why I am here? I asked

"Please indulge me for a minute longer” he stated.

Okay. I sat down and scanned the room noticing the door out was directly behind me and no one else was around. My gut was telling me I should something was wrong but not in a run for my life kind of way.

"Mr.Orwood, Do you know who I am , who you are, or what is about to happen?"He asked with a certain stutter.

What do you mean? I know who I am, I don’t know you or what you mean by whats to happen. Please, elaborate..enlighten me if you will. I said all this in a state of paniced sarcasm.

"DO NOT MAKE A JOKE OF THIS SON! I am with the Church Of Shadow, and we have been looking for you for a long time." He said as he came to a calm.

Who are you, and why me? As I said this my gut already knew the answer.

I became anxious with the moments of silence after I asked my questions and began to eye the door down and plan an exit.

"Do not try and leave, outside of that door is 5 others like me. We bare you no ill will; we only want to present you with an opportunity.” He announced.

What kind of opportunity did you have in mind, I can repair your car or fix one of the tools. He began to laugh and stared at me, almost as if he was examining me.

"Now now, Mr.Orwood, sarcasm is the language of the scared and the comics; we are neither. I couldn’t help but notice you are still wearing your gloves." he commented with a stretched smile.

I became impatient and frustrated so I shouted what I was thinking; Listen here pinhead, tell me whats going on or I am going back to work. Why are you here, and what do you need?

"We have come from The Vatican, well beneath it to find our Seer. And your co-workers have done everything but point fingers. We know your gift." He said with surety.

“Tell me Mr.Orwood, with all you have seen in others, have you ever seen a key made of bone? Have you ever seen...Hell?” He stated in a terrified manner.

I'm curious to all of this, but whats in it for me? Will I get paid, or claim some sort of reward if I have seen such a key.

"Technically you will obtain both. Now have you seen the key, yes or no?" he asked as if baffled

No, I have not. Whats the key for? Is it like he key to Hell or worse? At this point I was to curious to give in to my fears of the situation.

"My dear boy, that key opens the door to Heaven and Hell. We have a man here now that can be of, how to say...service. We would like you to peer into his bloodline." He said as he stared out of the office window.

Well, I haven't used it in such a long time, how can I trust you?

He just smiled and showed me a piece of parchment that read

“I, Linus, The 2nd bishop of Rome give power to those who search the Seers. Let no harm befall them for they are the eyes to the underworld and our ancestors; for God created them with the light Of Helel Ben Shahar as hell fell into the hole in the world. To the Church of Shadows may light guide you.”

Okay, So I am a direct descendant of a light that fell off some being? I questioned

"You are a direct descendant of Lucifer, He was Helel Ben Shahar before he fell. You are his last light." He said with an inspired tone.

Hmm, Bring him in, the man you told me about. Ill see what I see, I cant promise Ill see anything; I spoke with curiosity. I closed my eyes and took my gloves off before I could even prepare myself a man was kneeling before me.

"Go ahead, I am ready." The stranger said assured.

I reached my hand out and held it on his forehead and went deeper than I have ever gone before; It was almost as if his lineage went back to the beginning of time. When I finally began to focused I saw The moment Lucifer fell, up to the moment his light shot to the earth. Moments passed as I remained in the blur. As I focused I saw the light on the ground and it dimmed down into a human, a female bearing a key made of bone. She got up with only a glow covering up her body. Her face was calm but she cried. She looked at the key and held to it.

A part of me recognized the woman, even the place. Who is she, what is she? I quickly went back through the blur of relatives and history and came back to the present.

"Well, what did you see?" The man in all black asked.

I saw my maker...The first of my kind I assume holding the key. I know the place, where she fell.

"Where was it? What was she doing?" They both asked with an inspired tone.

What now? I'm not going to give you my entire vision without security.

"Well, Mr.Orwood, welcome to the Church Of Shadows for you are the One we seek; tonight we head to the church for further research and guidance." The Man announced as he bowed. ”

I smiled and thought for a second...“Lead the way G-man.”

"My name is Saul...Saul Tarsus, blood of Saint Paul ." He said with a smile.

Well lets head out, what about work? I asked with a new found purpose getting up from my seat.

"Didn’t you know...You don't exist anymore?" they all commented in a whisper.

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