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Extreme religious zealots, sacrificing the innocent for the blood of demons, Wandering immortals of legend cursed by their lack of death's eternal grasp.....Twisted yarns of not so remembered holiday yore, and weird things that stalk the sleeping with a nightmare's trip..... The tales not yet told will lead to new pages of horrors that lay beyond the devil's grasp.....For before there was Satan, The Devil..... Before there was Lucifer and Cane their was Pandora, and within her box of sealed evils lies in wait new tales that will soon be told..... Tales from The Books of The Fallen, many centuries old.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Journal Entry 1: That Which is W.E.I.R.D

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Edgar Allan Poe


For many ages passed, they have been one of our greatest of mysteries. Sciences guiding us to understand that they are but wishes wanted be fulfilled or the triggering of past memories.

But, what of our darkest of dreams that haunt us in nightly terrors of fearful tidings?

What of those unexpected screaming post dream awakenings that announce to us in our lost senses of personal securities, that our sleep may not be as protected as we may wish it to be?

What about those true and fictional evils that guide us to do those irregular things that may keep us from actually reaching those healthy rem phases of our cycling periods of regular resting?

What about those invocations of thought minded provocations that lead us to believe that due to bad dreams we may not be as free to sleep as we would like?

What about those realistic horrors that draw hungrily on our many unnecessary fears?

What is the purpose of nightmares? of dreams?

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