Trick Or Treat

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Trick Or Treat Is a Short Horror story bout a Big Beautiful House on the Hill that was always good at Big Sceneries for the Holiday's for this Holiday it was Halloween, Big Awesome Creepy Scenery's lets say if their was a Decoration Contest These People would win. They had Planed all Their Family's and Friends to help out on The Big Night on all Hollow's Eve. to give the Kiddie's and teens a Thrill along with them Tricks or treating They was all Stocked up with different Candy's as well made it a Maze for them and every Place They Reached had big Bowls and Pot's full of Candies a Halloween Maze was Awesome but Something goes Wrong and instead of Fun it Became The Halloween Maze of Terror!' A Quote: Greetings Goals and Gals This is work of Fiction Horror Names, Characters, places and incidents are Products of My Dreams, and Imagination or are used Fictitiously, any resemblance to actual events or Locals of Persons, living or dead, is entirely Coincidental Thank you Happy Halloween! Characters: The People that Created The Halloween Maze. Mr. and Mrs. Woodman The Three Teenager's Tod Tracey Joey Becky Mai Does have Blood and Gore, Cursing so Please some Reader's is Advice.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1 Trick Or Treat The Story Begans.

Chapter One

It was October 31st 2018 The Halloween of “2018” and there was this Big Beautiful Home on The Hill it was a Beautiful Home owned by very sweet Nice and Friendly Neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Woodman and The only Big Beautiful Home on a Hill on Hallows Avenue...?”

Mr. and Mrs. Woodman always on ever Holiday would Create Beautiful Scenery’s you know Decorations but for this Holiday it was Halloween so They Made this big Awesome Creepy scenery let’s just say if they had a Halloween Contest for the Neighborhood they would be The winner’s They made a Halloween maze for the kiddies and the teenagers Thought they would give them fun and every where The Kiddies and Teenagers would end up in the maze They would have different Big bowls and which pots full of Candy’s even homemade Candy...?”

In little Zip lock baggie’s But through out the maze they would not just get their treat’s But also some tricks and some thrills Family and Friends to dress up and give little thrilling Scares The Tricks was the maze and little thrilling Scares But no Matter where they’d go in the maze They would all have treats that was their big planes for all Hallows Eve.

They had all these cool Awesome Spooky, Scary creepy Creatures' and Critter’s all around and about the big Beautiful house and maze they had a grave yard and so much more Scary spooky Decorations that only Nightmares was made of, They...?”

had fog Machines light’s just everything they had the Family and friends to dress up as all kinds of Scary things guess you can call it instead of Haunted Trail or something Like that it was their own Haunted Maze had everything planed Perfectly had everything sit this Night of October 31st 2018 at the beginning of the maze they had a Creepy gate that opened Automatically and they who was Trick or Treating...?”

Would have to go through this big maze to reach the steps and the exit of the maze to the Porch to of course get the biggest treat of them all which would be gifts of all kinds.

At the gate of the Beginning and the same that goes for the end- Exit of the gates had creepy looking Creatures' holding the lights like lanterns the one at the beginning it would speak in a Creepy Scary voice that said “Welcome!” Enter if you Dare Treats in every Direction and the biggest treat of all is when you reach the Porch.

The Voice was a recording From Mr. Woodman talking through a voice Changer and every time The people would reach it, it would Automatically Speak then the gate would open to the People Automatically let’s just say Mr. and Mrs. Woodman’s Home was very, Very Pop-lure this very night many came from all around to see the decorations, and go through the maze.

People just Loved it They got their Tricks and their treats along with a thrill like at the graveyard they had the family dress up as zombie’s Crawling from the Tombstones and grabbing at there legs just many Scary Thrills through the Woodman’s Halloween Haunted Maze everything was going as Planed but like they say don’t make planes and expect them to go Perfect-ally right cause some just does not go as planned …?”

After awhile they had this maze open to all until 2:00 AM the next morning though the little kiddies stop after bout 9:00 PM. And then it was open for the Teenagers and Young Adults From 10:00 PM. To 2:00 AM. So see the Woodman’s even Welcomed Them to Trick or Treat gave them four Hours to also enjoy Halloween...?”

The woodman’s was also dressed up for Halloween they would be the ones at the House on the Porch giving out the biggest Treat of all which Like I said was Gifts of all Kinds and it went as Planed so far so good “BUT...?” then around 12:00 AM. Things Began to happen to the Teenagers and Young adults now the Woodman’s Knew who all Came through the gate Cause they had a Video Camera at the gate actually in the Creatures' eye that was Holding up the light- lantern and spoke and opened the gate Automatically cause that is how Mr. Woodman had fixed it to do, so they would see who came to the gate and who didn’t because they was playing it safe for all the Peoples that came...?”

But around 12:00 Am. On October 31st 2018 things started happening things got Creeper, Scarier, and somehow had nothing to do with Mr. and Mrs. Woodman and their Family and Friends They had be in their Maze Because They staid at their Posts and Continued doing what they had been doing all night since The Trick Or Treated Started coming it was strange like they had Conjured up more then what they was doing it became Reality instead of what they had planed Somehow...?”

Five Teenagers showed up at the Gate to go through this maze They’ve heard all about all night it was three girls Becky, Tracey, and Mai. Two Guy’s Joey and Toby...?”

Toby said Oh man this looks so cool let’s check it out...?”

So they go to the gate where the Creature holding the Light- lantern it spoke to them and then the gate opens so the Five Teenager’s Enter the Beginning and starting of the Maze.

Toby said Are we ready...?”

Joey said yes this looks cool as Hale Man.

Toby said yeah it does a treat at ever end it said...?”

Joey said oh yeah so how are we going to do this there’s this way and there’s that way...?”

Toby said You, Mai and Becky can go that way, and me and Tracey will go this way...?”

Joey said alright sounds good man see you at the end...?”

Toby said OK man.

So they go the way’s they Choose d to go almost like they was Chosen their own Fates...?”

At First Things went well as plane the teenager’s was having a real good time and enjoying their Thrills through the maze Which was the Woodman’s Family and Friends but then when they reach the middle of the maze things got Creeper Like in a Horror movie which only Through the maze there was places...?”

Where The Woodman’s Family and Friends was not in.

So this is where things got Weird and very Missed up.

Things seemed Colder, Frightening to the Five Teenager...?”

This is where things started happening to the Teenager’s that you wouldn’t Bleeve, and reamer it had nothing to do with Mr. and Mrs. Woodman or their Family and Friends but it happened in their Big Beautiful yet Awesome Spooky, Creepy Halloween Maze.

Tod and Tracey was in the middle of the Fun maze down the path that they took them to the fourth which pot with no Tricks but treats and they grabbed them a hand full of treats each putting in their Trick or Treat bags and they would start down another path of the mazes until they got to the Porch For their biggest Treat of all and there is where Mr. and Mrs. Woodman had the Exit also with a Creature holding the Light- lantern that talked just as the Entrance of the gate and it to would Automatically open and close to exit.

But you see they didn’t get to that gate for in the middle of their Maze the Trick became not for fun like they had their Family and friends doing it became Actual Actions and Know it was not the Woodman’s Friends or Family that did so...?”

so Tracey and Tod Like I said began the next trail of the maze which no one Like I said was assigned to The Woodman’s Family or Friends, Thru this part of the so called Halloween fun Maze.

Was Like a whole different dimension once they entered

it, it started to feel cold so cold Toby and Tracey could see their own Breathes, and the hair on their necks would stand straight up and the goosebumps would Start appearing up on their Bodies, Tracey was having her Arms around herself and she would say...?”

Toby is it me or did it all of a sudden get very Cold and if that is so Something is wrong...?”

It was way, way to Quiet then the other parts of the maze their was no recordings of any kind of Halloween sounds like the Crickets no nothing it was way to Quiet...?”

Toby said Oh Tracey you a scared a cat now it’s how they made the Maze...?”

Tracey said No Toby this not Mr. and Mrs. Woodman’s Idea it’s different and I can till, I can Feel it...?”

Toby “ Cracked up” Oh what are you Physic now... What Oh No are we going to die now Tracey Jesus...?”

Tracey said Your such a Fucking Jerk Toby look I’m serious somethings Wrong it is not right or Mr. and Mrs. Woodman’s Idea, would you for once in your life listen to someone are you that Fucking Hard headed or are you just a Complete Jerk Ass... right now man I’m not Fucking with you this is Fucking Real man I can’t help to think something is just not right, right now do you not feel it...?”

Toby said I don’t feel nothing all Though Damn it did get a bit nip-pie ..?”

Tracey said oh Really you don’t say...?′

Toby said Tracey stop being a Bitch for Fuck sacks...?′

Tracey said excuse me, I’ll stop being a Bitch if you stop being a Fucking Jerk ass Toby Somethings not right!

Toby said for Fuck Sacks can we just keep going your such a Fucking cry baby it’s probably just the way the Fucking Maze is let’s just keep going.

Tracey said fine.

After a little way’s of the Bickering about the Feeling Tracey was Feeling and Toby still Bickering as they walked through this maze all of a sudden right before Tracey’s eyes Arms Latterly really came up out the ground and Grabbed Toby’s legs latterly pulling him down straight to Hale it seemed like.

Tracey Screamed out TOBY!

And the arms had pulled him latterly down into the Whole the Arms came from...?′

Tracey heard one Last Scream! From Toby then all of a sudden Blood and guts and gore came splashing up out the whole Splattering all over Tracey then Toby’s Skull Came flying up out the whole with a deep Burp of some sort.

Tracey Screamed to the top her lungs as she just started running through the maze after a long run for a bit trying to figure out how to get the Fuck out of this maze everything was in slow motion.

As Tracey Ran, ran, she looked back but ran again until out the Blue something or someone grabbed her From Behind taking a napkin with some kind of stuff on it to make her pass out and pulled her from the maze into the Bushes like whom ever it knew that soon the other three teenager’s would be passing by a tree in the middle of the maze on the Path they took soon, and for them to thank it was just a decoration for the Maze...?”

This Someone or something hung Tracey up in that tree From her feet and Gutted her like a Pig her gut’s fail out hanging out along with her totally Dripping Blood and Gore as it hide in the Shadow’s waiting for another to get a hold of and just as someone or something Predicted

the next three teenager’s did reach the middle of their maze that they took to the tree and just as it, this someone or something Predicted they did at first thank that it was just a decoration for the maze But Becky said no wait OK this not right...?”

Joey said what why do you say that...?′

Becky said Joey this maze was for the younger kids to why would Mr. and Mrs. Woodman hang something like that on their tree that would really scare the smaller kid’s bad... Why would they want to do that, they are good peoples they would not do this something is not right...?”

Joey said oh come on Becky really it’s a decoration it’s just for show it’s suppose to be scary.

Mai said No Joey Becky’s right something doesn’t feel right about this...?′

Joey said come on girls I’ll show you it’s just a Decoration For the maze come on we’ll go have a look see...if you girls don’t Bleeve me.

So They go to the tree to have a look see...

Joey said man that looks so real how did they do that awesome look at this steam and the blood looks so Fresh and gooey and the gut’s and gore hanging out dripping blood is so Awesome that took a lot of Pig Blood let’s turn this thing around, Joey did and Puked right on the seen OH God!

Becky said Joey that’s, that’s...?”

Mai said Tracey oh My God...?”

Joey said No Sheeit let’s get the Fuck out of here I thought these Peoples was good Peoples Becky...?”

Becky said they are Joey they would not do this to nobody somethings gone wrong and I know that probably Mrs. and Mr. Woodman do not know this, this not right somethings gone wrong we have to get out this maze Joey and now cause heaven Knows if we are next.

Joey breathless and scared to death said you’ve got to be Fucking me right now Becky...?”

Becky said No! I’m not Joey Lets Go Now...?′

Now the Group of three young Teenagers Became Freighted of HORROR! Show case and maze of Terror As the tree teenagers try and Battle their Fears when they just find out their so called Maze of fun Became their Maze of Horror and Terror and became a Horrifying Existence of States of Panic.

Why the three Teenagers began to run the maze trying to find their way out Joey in the front running Becky in the Middle and Mai behind Becky Running for their Life’s...?”

When out the Blue Mai trips and falls over Toby’s Skull she Screamed Joey! And Becky!...?”

They Both Stopped she noticed the Clothes around the bloody Gorey around the whole OH My God, OH My God! Hey you guy’s I thank this was Toby...?′

Joey helped Mai up let’s get the Fuck out of here come on, and they Started running the maze again...

Then they start hearing some Kind of Motor Cranking up from behind them and Joey Looked back in Behind the girls when he seen someone all Dressed up like the Chain saw Master not knowing who with the Chain saw, chasing after them.

Joey said Oh Sheeit, Oh Sheeit as he guided the girls to run in-front him and him behind them as they began to run faster and obviously Joey had reach the front of the girls again and the person with the chain saw running right after them on their hills It catches up to Mai Screaming to the top her lungs she Cry’s out to Becky!, Becky turns as she watches this person Cutting through Mai Limb by Limb her body Parts here there, over there and over here Blood Gushing out of them and splattering all over Becky and the maze Becky Screams and runs Faster she had Mai’s blood splattered all over her from where the Person had cut her limb from limb.

Now it was just joey and Becky and they was Continuing to run when Becky turn to look the Guy or person with the Chain saw Vanished into thin air after leaving Mai’s Body parts and Blood down the Path...?”

They stop to rest her and Joey catching their Breaths...?”

Becky said Joey what’s happening That’s Toby, Tracey and Mai now...?”

Joey said I Donno Becky, I Donno What’s happening, I donno what’s on all I know is this so called Fun Halloween maze is no Fun anymore and we need to keep going so that we can get the Hale out of here Weather...?”

Mrs. and Mr. Woodman Knows or not... something has gone wrong and I donno what it is, or what the Fucks going on but something is... and I just want us to get the Hale out of here so let’s just keep running...?”

Becky said M-Kay Joey let’s go.

So they started running again to get out this maze of Terror!

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