The Unknown Creature: Shadows

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Leaves crunched softly as the figure crept across the ground. A flashlight in hand, Mira followed a hidden path through the dark, looming trees. Eerie sounds called from everywhere, working fear into Mira’s heart. Still, she kept going, trying hard to ignore the shadows that seemed to follow her. “The only reason I’m out here,” she thought, “is because there are rumors about something supernatural out here. I want to see if those rumors are true.” Mira turned her head and saw the faint lights of home. She knew her mother would worry if she didn’t come back by morning.

Suddenly, a twig snapped, and Mira jumped. She knew it hadn’t been her, and began to wonder if she wasn’t the only one in the forest. Heart pounding, she continued to follow the path. Then she saw that the path was lined with glowing plants. Red, purple, and yellow plants that Mira had never seen before.

“That’s odd.” She thought, “I’ve never seen these plants, let alone growing in the rest of the forest.” She leaned over carefully and grabbed a small stick. With the stick, she gently poked a glowing yellow plant. The plant swayed but did nothing.

Getting a little uneasy about these surroundings, Mira padded quietly down the remainder of the path. There, sitting in the middle of a small clearing, was a chest. Her eyes went wide with shock. How had she never seen all this before?

Set me free.” Mira jumped out of her skin. What was that? The wind howled around the trees, and she decided that the wind must have made it sound like someone was talking.

Set me free!” The voice whispered again, and Mira knew that the wind didn’t cause the sound. The words seemed to echo around the forest, silencing everything. She silently crept to the chest to get a better look at it. It was a black chest with purple drawings of strange things. Gold make a flower on the lid, and red writing was scrawled onto the side. Wait, writing? Mira peered at the writing. She couldn’t completely understand it, but she did recognize a few words: Fire, wings, night, free. From the words, she could understand, and the strange voice crying for freedom, whatever was in the chest was probably alive.

Mira crouched and carefully opened the latch of the chest, but when she pushed up on the lid, it wouldn’t move. It was as if the lid was glued shut. She frowned and began to stand so she could leave. Then, she noticed the words on the chest began to move. She watched in shock as the sentences became words she could understand. Staring at the words, she unconsciously said them out loud:

With powers of fire and frightening creatures

Those who dare awaken The Unknown Creature

Will be met with wings of night

When finally set free.

As she finished saying these words, the lid of the chest snapped open, and the glowing plants around the chest went dark. Mira switched off the flashlight and watched as something began to rise from the chest. Large wings unfurled and long tails shot in every direction. A long roar broke through the forest, and suddenly, the creature was gone. How was that possible? She ran to the chest, frightened, but there was nothing there. Mira decided she’d had enough of this and began to run back to the house. She suddenly heard a hissing sound behind her. She whipped around and screamed at what she saw. She tried to keep running, but she felt several sharp pains all over her back and legs. Then, all went black.

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