Poison Claws

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“Is this Roguewind...?” I ask, quite nervous to hear the answer. I almost don’t want to know. “No, sir... This is Timbershell...” the young woman says, “I never heard of Roguewind.” Something odd is going on... People are gaining claws and deadly poison. Not only that, but anyone clawed by them becomes poisonous even to touch... Jack l. Horn shares the story of what happened to him as he explored the little known town of Timbershell and how he got there in the first place. The kind people of Timbershell quickly introduce him to their customs which appear to be rather strange. However, just when Jack thinks he has gotten used to things, a horrible illness threatens to destroy everyone and everything. What will become of Timbershell and poor Jack L. Horn? Only time will tell..

Horror / Romance
Age Rating:

Strange Lights

Hello, my name is Jack L. Horn and I am about to tell you the story of what has happened in the last few weeks. Now, this is quite the strange set of happenings so I suggest you sit tight and hang on. It all started on January 18th...

I’m walking through the woods on my way home from a hiking trip, but I forget to take into account how far away Roguewind is from this particular hiking place so already I am running late. Night is falling quickly and a sharp chill is in the air as it is the heart of winter. I hesitate for a moment, some strange whooshing noise catching my ear, and I look up into the night sky. The tall trees stretch on and on into the sky, but I happen to see just enough of the dark blue void to tell something isn’t quite right.

I feel this odd tingling in the back of my neck, and, without my permission, my heart starts racing. The sky is filled with flickering lights of the like I have never seen before and the whooshing intensifies into a deafening roar. Before I can see any more of what is going on, I make a run for it the first direction I can, tearing through the woods. I run as fast and far as I can until I cannot possibly run anymore, and I fall flat on my face exhausted. The sounds fade and I blackout.

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