Haunted College

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Chapter 2

In the evening, I was doing some research, on the internet, on the computer in my room. Couldn’t find what I needed, the internet was like a brick wall.

So, I went to the library.

The library was close by and I entered the library. I saw the employees near the circulation desk and they were talking. I walked pass them and I went to the computer. I typed in the word “History of North Carolina”. I was taking a history class and needed some information. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a woman; she had shoulder-length hair and wore a black and white flowery print dress.

“Hello do you work here?” I called her.

She didn’t answer me, and she looked at me.

Her face was white and her eyes were dark and sunken in, her hair was long, and she had a pretty face. She was a full body of apparition and I was scared what she would do to me. She passed by the tables and disappeared by the book stacks. Weird.

I rubbed my eyes and looked again to make sure of what I saw. My eyes were okay. I went to my location of where I could find my book. It was the same place where the ghost had disappeared. And, I couldn’t find my book anywhere in the isle.

So, I went to the circulation to ask one of the employees to help me find my book. He took me to the same section of where I was looking before.

“It should be right here,” the library clerk said. “I just put this book up fifteen minutes ago.” He said.

“You did? And it is missing?” I said.

“Let’s go find your book,” Library clerk said.

We looked at the next isle to find my book. Then we heard the sound of shuffling of books, behind us. It was loud and close-by. It couldn’t be the other employees they were at the circulation desk, and it was impossible for them to come, we would have seen them. The shuffling sound continued.

“What was that?” I said.

Library clerk and I looked at each other. We wanted to flee or hide. But, we were curious of what was it. We turned our heads around and saw no one.

We decided to check back the isle. We saw a book sticking out from the shelf. We were the only ones who saw this. A book slowly moved out from between the other books, as an unseen force was pulling it out. Right in front of us and then it dropped to the floor. Then, it dragged across the floor to us. The book that came to us was Anne Rice’s Interview with The Vampire. It looked like; this ghost does not like this book.

We were both scared of what we saw. What unseen force did we see? The library clerk and I witnessed this paranormal activity before our eyes. Since he was new and I am a freshman of the college, we told the employees at the circulation desk that we have witnessed a poltergeist and a ghost in the library. It happened to them too.

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