Haunted College

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Chapter 3

In the class, Mr. Roughton’s history class, he has a way of telling a story. He can take a boring story, make it interesting and we learn something. It was about the end of the class when he decided to talk about the college history.

“So, that concludes why North Carolina’s known as the Tar Heel state,” Mr. Roughton said. “Oh by the way, this week is Halloween and I don’t know if you are aware that this school is haunted.” Mr. Roughton said.

So, it wasn’t me, and it was true. Our campus was haunted. This, I got to hear.

“How many of you, raise your hand if you experienced any hauntings on campus?” Mr. Roughton said.

Only two people raised their hands. It was Michael and I.

“I got up early one morning for a run and when I looked across in another room, which was Tate dorm and I saw a ghost in Stephanie’s room. It was wearing a long white gown and staring at me from her window.” Michael said.

“So, Stephanie you were in a white gown at your window and you were a peeping Tom? Stephanie.” Mr. Roughton said, putting a little humor of the ghost in my room.

“No, Mr. Roughton. I did not, but there was a ghost in my room and it slammed my door at 5 a.m.. It woke me and Tori up and there was no one in the room.” I said.

“Wow. Where?” Mr. Roughton said. He was surprised.

“Tate Dormitory,” I said.

“Interesting,” Mr. Roughton said, nodding his head.

“And on the first day, when I moved in, my clothes were packed in boxes under a few seconds and the staircase was confusing,” I said.

“Anyone else?” Mr. Roughton said.

“And last night at the library, the library clerk and I were looking for a book. We heard shuffling of books behind us and no one was there. And a book fell by itself, and the creepy part, it was Anne Rice’s novel Interview with the Vampire.” I said.

“Wow,” Mr. Roughton exclaimed.

“And I saw a woman in a flowering print gown floating and I came face to face with the ghost. I couldn’t move and it disappeared behind the books.” I said.

The students were intrigued with the stories that I was telling and they wanted to know more.

“Okay,” Mr. Roughton was surprised by my story. And, he told us his story “Let me tell you about Emily Draughn, she was a young child, buried many years ago. She died of Tuberculosis in Grace Memorial Hospital, in 1930’s – which is now Tate Hall. She’s haunted the fourth floor which was the maternity ward. Emily’s ghost has been spotted on campus either when students are here or going on winter or spring break. But this time was a little different than I expected,” Mr. Roughton said.

“I did get a feeling when I was on the fourth floor to get my jacket from my dorm?” I said.

“Wow,”Mr. Roughton said, still impressed by my story. He continued, “Her presence still lingers on the fourth floor of the Tate dorm. Her grave site is next to the building and the inscription on her tomb say: ‘She is not dead but sleeping’ and she roams throughout the campus.” Mr. Roughton concluded.

Classroom door creaked opened.

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