Mansion of Dolls

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Chapter 11

It didn’t really surprise Taryn that this was the case, with how he dressed in comparison to the others, how he knew the lay of the mansion and his rather friendly demeanor when he first met her. It was a clear sign. At first, she thought he worked here, but retracted that thought with how he seemed to dress in comparison to that of the other workers.

And when Toya gave his introduction it cemented the fact that he was indeed the master of the mansion. Which seemed to surprise the other three, but then, they never saw Toya before like she had.

“Wait a minute, you guys already know each other?” Robert asked as Toya moved to sit near Taryn and Racheal. Rather then being in the middle. Making the young man almost glare at the action. What was his deal in being so passive aggressive?

“Lowell-san lost her way yesterday.” Toya answered Robert with a smile. “I merely helped her; we did get to talk for a bit that’s all.”

When Robert looked to Taryn who merely gave a shrug in a response. “It’s the truth.” Mostly. “I was lost, and he helped me. This place is huge, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone else ended up getting lost like I did.”

“Knowing you though, you’ll probably get lost again.” he said.

Taryn shrugged again giving a rather sarcastic smile. “Yeah, I know. So what? It just means if I get lost there’s more to look at. Not to mention if I recognise something I know how to get back if I see it.”

Robert looked at her with a frown, honestly what was going on inside his head? She couldn’t tell if he was trying to get her mad or if he was simply poking fun. With his expression it could have been the former rather then the latter. She knew Robert had the tendency to poke at someone’s flaws in more of a humorous way then that of a malicious one. But these days with how he seemed to be so passive aggressive, it was getting harder to tell.

Maybe she wasn’t as good at reading people as she thought.

“Is something wrong Grayson-san?” Toya asked causing the young man to nearly flinch at hearing his last name by the other man.

He fidgeted slightly before answering. “No, it’s nothing…” Before being nudged slightly by Stephanie who began to speak to him in a hushed tone before saying. “I know, we’ll talk more about it later.”

Taryn merely glanced at the interaction before looking away, honestly what went on between them was none of her business.

“How are you feeling?” Toya’s question drew her back to look at him. “I asked before, but you never did give an answer.”

“Did something happen?” Rachael asked with genuine concern.

“You had a bit of a fever before, at least as I’ve heard.” Toya said to Taryn before she even had a chance to say anything back. “I was worried, I thought you might have gotten sick.”

“You had a fever?” Stephanie suddenly jumped up. “Are you still sick?”

“No, no!” Taryn said quickly with a shake of her head. “I’m okay really! I’m fine. I’m not sick I swear!”

Stephanie seemed to settle and sat back down. “Okay… good.”

Robert eyed Taryn for a moment and went to speak only to have Toya talk before the young man had the chance.

“So, you’re no longer sick?” Toya asked.

Taryn looked to him. “I’m not. I don’t get sick all that easily.”

He smiled. “That’s wonderful,” then there was a knock followed with some of the staff coming through the side entrance of the hall. “Perfect timing, the food has arrived.”

All of them soon fell into eating the food that had arrived, also getting involved in small talk with Toya, learning small bits about him, how that he became the head of the household when his mother passed away when he was only nineteen years old. Making Toya the sole hire of the mansion.

Though throughout dinner Taryn couldn’t help but feel as though she was constantly being watched constantly.

When dinner was over however, Stephanie then took both girls and headed to a place neither girl had been too yet.

“You know, you don’t have to drag us, right?” Rachael said in a deadpan tone as both she and Taryn were being pulled by the arm.

“If I don’t you won’t come with me.” Stephanie retorted before glancing to Taryn. “Right?”

“I would. I mean, I do need a bath and I was going to ask anyway.”

“Okay then,” Stephanie then let go of Taryn’s arm, only to then yank Rachael towards her and be carried bridal style. “To the bath we venture!”

“Why are you carrying me!?” Rachael demanded while Taryn merely laughed at the interaction. Only to find herself looking to a nearby window and for in instant, for the briefest of moments, Taryn thought she had seen someone standing outside. She moved closer to the nearby window, her hand resting along the glass, as her blue gaze looked out to what looked to be more of a bamboo forest before heading to follow the two women.

* * *

“I’m surprised you girls didn’t check this place out during the first night.” Stephanie said as she removed her shirt. The place they were in was that of a changing room, where even the same sleeping robes that they had worn before were left in designated baskets for the woman who wished to bathe when they finished so not to dress in what they already wore coming in.

Since it was separated by gender, women on one side, men on the other.

“When I was told about it, I went right away to check it out. The space is amazing.” She paused in undressing to look at the two other girls. “What’s wrong?”

Taryn merely walked around the changing area, noting the towels that were left for them, as well as sandals to wear afterword’s looking at the many empty baskets in what Taryn could only describe as cubbyholes.

“Nothing,” Rachael said as Taryn looked around only to then sit on the bench by Stephanie and began to undress, meaning that there wasn’t anything to be worried about. Which was a relief on Rachael’s part. She wouldn’t be able to bathe in a place where the dead roamed. even if they never bothered her, it would still be unnerving, even if Taryn probably wouldn’t care less. “Just admiring the uh… entrance way of the changing room. That’s all.”

Stephanie merely looked puzzled. “Okay? Well you’ll have time to admire everything else a bit later. For now, just relax.” She then looked to Taryn, who now stood naked, uncaring of who saw her as she grabbed a towel and headed to the bath itself. Only to then call out to her. “Taryn, wait a second.” Taryn looked back to Stephanie who now held up a dark blue laced bra. “Your bra fell.”

Taryn frowned. Weird, she was sure she put it in the far back of the basket. Taryn took it from her and placed it back into the basket where it belonged with the rest of her clothes.

“I see you buy from the same place as I do.” Stephanie added, causing Taryn to look to her as Stephanie now held up her own bra with a grin. It was of similar make, but of a different design and colour. “We almost match.”

The bra was of the same brand that Taryn owned. Which depending on when a person bought it, it could be expensive but in a reasonable way. And not to mention when said store went on sale selling bras, underwear and the like.

“The brand has a good support, one of the only reasons why I buy from them. At least when I need too and when on sale.”

“I’m the same way. Plus, the styles they have for woman who have a larger bust then normal is also great. I want something I like as well as need, but don’t want to look or feel like total crap when wearing them.”

Taryn merely looked at the black lace and bright aqua blue bra before Stephanie put it away. “What size are you if you don’t mind me asking.”

“E34, what about you?” she said as she put a towel to rest along her shoulders before she then went to stand up straight.

“D32. It used to be so much easier when I was a C-cup.”

“I know right?” Stephanie grasped Taryn’s hands. “It’s hard enough to find one you like, but also with it being both good looking that you would wear and comfortable for long periods of time is difficult to find sometimes.”

“But don’t a lot of guys and other ladies like women with large boobs?” Rachael asked as she wrapped a towel around her body, looking somewhat embarrassed as the other two girls didn’t seem to care how they currently looked. “I really don’t get what the deal is since so many want that kind of body type.”

Both Stephanie and Taryn looked to Rachael with an expression that said: “You don’t understand the struggle!”

“Never mind…” Rachael said flatly.

The bath area was rather large, the warm steam air that drifted up from the hot water made much of the surrounding damp from the moister. The bath itself was rather large, shaped rectangularly with tiled floors and a semi tiled walls with a few places for a person to sit and wash their hair and bodies in front on a mirror. A normal thing in Japan where when a person was to bathe, they would first wash their hair and body separately before soaking in a tub.

At the back of the bath were few windows, small and rectangularly shaped to let out the steam when needed. Currently only one window was left open. And at the far-right side looked to be another thin window up top. One that connected to the other bath were then men were.

“Hey, so, what was that all about back during dinner?” Taryn asked Stephanie who had sat down next to her while Racheal was on Taryn’s right.

Stephanie looked puzzled. “What thing?”

“You freaked out when Toya mentioned Taryn being sick.” Rachael clarified as she squinted at the bottles trying to deter which was shampoo and conditioner since without her glasses, she had difficulty seeing things both close and at a distance. “It was kind of a surprise to see you react like that.”

“Oh, that. I have a younger brother, Thomas often get’s sick. Bad immune system, that kind of thing. So, whenever he’s sick, I worry about him you know? Even the smallest thing like a cold could turn into something like a full-blown fever. Apparently, it’s genetic, and my Dad keeps a close eye on him. Even more so now since with Tyler gone…”

“How old is he?” Taryn interjected, quickly diverting the topic to something that Stephanie clearly wasn’t up for speaking again, possibly with it being so soon after Taryn and she had that kind of talk already. “Your younger brother?”

“He’s sixteen.” She laughed. “But his immune system doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves. He’s pretty into tech and computers. He says that he wants to take over the family from my Dad when he’s old enough.”

“That’s a heck of goal for a sixteen-year-old.” Rachael added. “My brother’s the same way, but he’s more into video games. Wants to make his own game, even trying out some stuff already while still in high school.”

“Video game design has become a lofty industry. It’s not really something that can be ignored in this day and age.”

“So, did you leave Robert to suffer alone when you dragged us here?” Taryn asked changing the topic as she washed her hair. The three of them now went to the wash area and began to wash themselves.

“I told him yesterday about the baths and said he should check it out. I think he intended to do so today.” Stephanie paused in rinsing her hair to look at Taryn, noting that there was a faint scar along Taryn’s hip. “Hey, is that also from when you were little?”

Taryn paused in washing her hair to look at the scar in question. “No, that’s from something else entirely.” She then touched the thin, almost invisible scare with her hands. The only reason it was even visible now was because of the steam. “When I was little, about five or so. A man tried to grab me when I was in pre-school. He had a knife, that’s what this is from.”

“Oh my god.” Stephanie said as she visibly paled.

“It’s fine, my bother had way worse. He got in between the man and I and had a scare along his back. I remember feeling scared, but more for Roy then myself. Yet he felt like he wasn’t doing enough. That if he had gotten their sooner, I wouldn’t have been hurt. It’s actually what led him to join the Army and then the Police Force.”

“Still,” Stephanie then looked over Taryn’s body, as if trying to see if there were more then what Taryn had told. But she couldn’t see anything, she did however notice how Taryn did have a somewhat fit build, not as much as Stephanie in comparison but it was still noticeable. “Anything else I should know?”

Taryn opened her mouth to say that there wasn’t, but Rachael then spoke up adding. “She was kidnapped when she was a baby.”

“What?” Stephanie practically jumped up from her seat and looked to Rachael. “You’re joking right?”

Taryn cast a sideways narrowed look to her friend before sighing and saying. “No, she’s not. I have no memory of that since I was a baby at the time. Back then people thought, or should I say still think, that if they get to me it could somehow ruin my parents’ reputations. Which is beyond stupid. It’s one of the reasons why I barely post anything online that doesn’t consist of what I write. I keep my opinions to myself regarding politics and such since I have no interest in people taking what I say out of context for their own gain or trying to ruin my life.”

“That sounds like a pain in the ass.” Stephanie said. “I have so much I post online, I can’t even imagen doing that. But you said it was your own choice. I take it that your parents don’t really care one way or the other about it then?”

Taryn merely shrugged before dumping a bucket of warm water over her head. “Not really. Like I said, I don’t really post much regarding politics. I’ve made it abundantly clear to those online that I will never divulge anything about my parents’ lives. People make shit up all the time and present it as fact. I mean look at how things are done in America these days or just the world in general. No one fact checks things anymore. It’s sad.”

Fair point. Stephanie thought before looking to Rachael as Taryn got up and went to soak in the large bath. “What about you Rachael?”

“I post my art, and some opinions I have. It’s not enough to make a scandal or cause issue if that’s what you’re wondering about. And with my family being rather average, both of my parents have regular office jobs though my Dad is involved in an acting troop from time to time as a bit of a hobby. Although I do get the occasional moron online asking me about my body since it’s not considered “ideal” or making sexist comments about Taryn’s body. A number of those people I’ve encountered I just block. They don’t know me, or how much I have changed. In fact, I’m proud to admit I’ve actually lost a few pounds!”

“There’s nothing wrong with your body Rachael,” Taryn said as she slid into the bath water before looking back to her friend.

“You always say that Taryn.” Rachael said simply.

“And why not? It’s the truth. You don’t have the body everyone wants, no one really does. I wish I was a bit taller and had a bit more weight on me so people would stop saying I’m too thin even though I can’t help it. You yourself just said you were able to lose some weight, that’s an achievement within itself.”

“She’s right you know.” Stephanie added. “It’s extremely hard to maintain what it is you want in life.”

Rachael merely looked at Stephanie and asked changing the topic back to what it was originally. “What kind of things do you post?”

She merely shrugged. “Health stuff, hair and nail stuff, or stuff from my workout routine.” She stood up and indicated to her own body, most notably the faint scaring along parts of her skin. Signs of losing weight too quickly for the body to keep up. “After all, it’s not magic that makes me look like this. I put a lot of work in to maintain this. I told you before how much work it takes, I’m someone that has proof of it. Though I do get a shit ton of hate because of how I look now, people think I’m bragging.”

Rachael frowned. “Do you brag about it?”

She shook her head. “Nope, you kidding me? That just creates more enemies. I’m proud of the body I have, and if I want to flaunt it, I can. I don’t do it out of malicious intent or anything. That’s just petty. And those who do can just fuck off for all I care. But if your physically healthy, who cares what your body is like?”

“Wow…” was all that Rachael could say which led to Stephanie frowning.


“Nothing it’s just… I didn’t expect to hear that. I mean, with how you look and how much money you have I guess I just kind of assumed you’d be, well, kind of a bitch? Sorry.”

“No sorry needed. You’re not the first to assume.” Stephanie said with a laugh. “Besides, it’s my family’s money, not my money. The only reason I was able to even do this trip was because I asked my father for a favor.”

Taryn said nothing as she kept her arms propped up along the edge, she could gather that Stephanie was doing this with her own volition, Taryn only hoped that the it wouldn’t be too much on her end of things when they got back.

“That must be one hell of a favor,” Rachael said as she now joined the two women in the bath. I don’t even want to imagen just how much it would all cost. God knows how long it’d take me to pay just the ticket back. “Though it reminds me, I still need to thank you for this.”

“You should be thanking Taryn then, not me.”

“She did,” Taryn said with her eyes closed. “About fifty times or so.”

“Hey!” Rachael’s face turned red. “It was not fifty! It was thirty-five.”

The Stephanie laughed in response as Taryn now merely began to doze in the comfort of the warm water.

* * *

They seem to be having a good time. Robert thought as he entered the bath, hearing his girlfriend and others laugh. Yet he couldn’t help but feel somewhat cheated, he was alone on this side, while the girls were together.

“Grayson-san, glad to see that you too have decided to see the baths.” Robert paused and looked to see that two men were already in the bath; he nearly made an audible sound in response. It was Sato and that guy they ate dinner with, Toya something-or-other. The guy had a weird last name. But there was just something about the man that didn’t sit well with Robert. He just wasn’t sure what that something was.

I take that thought back, he thought in a deadpan tone. I’d rather be alone here…

“Is something the matter Grayson-san?” Toya asked in English with a faint smile. His long hair had been pulled back with a clip of all things, but somehow that didn’t take away in how he looked. No wonder the girls seemed to stare at him so much.

Robert found he couldn’t help but feel somewhat envious of this, even though that there really wasn’t anything that could be done about it. “No, it’s nothing. I’m just surprised to see people here.”

“We need to bathe too you know.” Sato said with a laugh. “Besides, some of us actually live here not just the Master.”

“It’d be rather boring if that were the case. Plus, it would be rather difficult to clean all of the rooms by myself.”

Sato looked to Robert who was rinsing his hair of shampoo. “Ayako-san told me once that he tried, even within a week and you couldn’t get them all.”

Toya gave the man a rather unassuming look. While his tone held a flat tone. “There’s well over a hundred rooms, as well as some that are not in any use. It made me much more aware of the term “down-sizing” so much better. But that place is my home, and I cannot even fathom where I would even be at this point.”

“You could travel?” Robert offered to him. “I mean, if you have the money to maintain this big place you could go to other places.”

Toya was quite for a moment before asking. “Have you traveled around Grayson-san?”

“Nah not me.” He said as he shook his head to remove some of the water before towel drying it. “But the girls have a few times.”

This seemed to peak Toya’s interest. “Really? And yet you haven’t?”

“Nope, too broke.” Robert said bluntly as he then wrapped a towel around his waist. “It’s just my Mom, sister and I.”

“No father?” Sato asked.

“No.” and that was all that Robert said about it. “But anyway, I am happy to be here for the most part.”

“The most part?” Toya repeated. “Why would that be? Did you have a sour experience in Tokyo at all?”

Robert sat along the edge of the bath. Not bothering to get in merely because he would feel somewhat uncomfortable bathing with total strangers. Regardless if they were the same gender as him. “No, it was fine. It’s just… with one person, we have a bit of a history. And due too some things in our lives, we kind of ended up clashing with one another. I know why it happened. But I wish it didn’t. I just don’t know how I should fix it, or even if I could. It’s just everything kind of conflicts. We were tight. Really good friends. I miss those days.”

“Have you tried to talk it out?” Sato asked.

“Ah… no” he admitted sheepishly. “I don’t really know how to approach it, I mean, I did something that was total shit… I admit to it. But there are times I get worried, so I pretend like it didn’t happen or try to start something without meaning too. It’s how I’ve always been, we’d get into a big fight, cuss it out, before, finally, sitting down and talking. It’s not doing anything, and I know that. Yet I keep reverting too it.”

“Sounds like a bad habit.”

Robert’s shoulders slumped at the reality, that was a word for it. “Pretty much, she and Steph would tell me so too.”

“By “she” do you mean Lowell-san?” Toya asked, drawing Robert’s eye to him. “Is that who you’re talking about?”

Robert nodded. “Yeah, I mean Taryn. Like I said we used to be friends, we were more then that at one point. But, due to a lot of crap it didn’t work out. Part of me think’s it was for the best, but not in how it all played out.”

Toya was quite for a moment. “You used to date?”

Robert gave a slight shrug. “Kinda, it wasn’t really dating when I think about it. Not that we knew any better, never dated someone before. Neither of us had.”

“Yet now you have…”

“Stephanie,” Robert finished Sato’s question with an answer. “She’s who I’m dating now. It’s why all of us are here. It’s also a bit of an apology to Taryn, though it could go better.”

“So, you’re dating the blonde!” Sato said, his tone rather approving. “You have good taste in women I see!”

Robert, however kept such comments to himself. Toya broke the silence and asked. “What about Lowell-san? Is she with anyone then?”

“Ah no? Not that I know of. We haven’t really talked so I have no idea. But I doubt she would given all that’s happened.”

“So, she has no one.” Robert frowned at the man, the tone of voice Toya had when he spoke seemed a bit suspect and was about to ask why it even mattered only for his upcoming words to die on his tongue when Toya stood up from the bath. “If you excuse me Grayson-san I will be leaving first.”

Robert found himself frozen in place. For it was one of the last things he expected.

For Toya’s build was lean and muscular. Robert knew he was tall, but in all honesty, he didn’t expect the man’s body to be like that given how when Toya wore a kimono it didn’t show anything regarding his build. But on top of all that…

Holy shit… was all that Robert thought.

“It’s alright to be jealous you know.” Sato said with a smirk on his face.

“As if I am!” Robert snapped, not wanting to admit that apart of him kind of was.

Toya laughed slightly as he walked out of the bath and placed a towel around his waist. “Don’t let Sato’s jokes get to you. How I look isn’t that impressive.”

“I know several who would disagree.” Sato said flatly but with a grin.

Toya laughed again at the older man’s words as he removed the clip allowing his hair to fall loosely around his shoulders. Before leaving the baths he then added. “It was good to talk Grayson-san, I’ve learned so many things about your friends, we should do this again. And please, enjoy the rest of your time here.”

* * *

Taryn remained in the bath, both Stephanie and Rachael decided to call it quits a little bit earlier leaving her to soak in solitude. The bath itself was truly inviting, now she got why so many people raved about it. Like that of a hot spring, or perhaps it was one originally seen what she rested on was not a tiled floor like the rest, but stone. It made her wonder if there was an open-air bath too. Something she’d need to ask before they were to head home.

Yet as her mind began to drift, the note that had been left before drifted to the forefront of her mind. Making her recall the constant feeling she had on this trip. One that hadn’t gone away like she expected. It was strange.

Feeling this sudden sense of aggravation Taryn quickly dunked herself into the bath water, submerging completely. This was not the time to be getting aggravated. On top of which the feeling she had of being watched however wouldn’t leave. In fact, it had grown the moment she was under water.

Confusion set in next causing Taryn to open her eyes only to then come see a pair of feet when she had.

Quickly, Taryn came back to the surface, standing fully as she now looked around the bath. No one was there. She cast a wary glance to the water she was in before quickly getting herself out and drying off before heading to leave. The feeling of being watched was still present. A feeling that, when Rachael and Stephanie were with her, she hadn’t felt at all. Only when she was relatively alone that she had. It was one that she felt throughout the trip when they were in the village. But why was that the case?

And as much as she was used to the presence of the dead, she was not up for sharing a bath with an uninvited guest, most of all when alone. Regardless of how used to it she was there were some things she was still not comfortable with.

After dressing and gathering her other clothes she stopped short when stepping out to see that Stephanie and Rachael were in the hall. Talking with Toya no less, he too seemed to have gone and taken a bath with his slight dampness in his hair and the matching robe that he wore like the others.

“Oh Taryn,” Stephanie noticed her first. “I thought you said you intended to stay a bit longer in the bath.”

“I did,” she said, giving a quick smile. “But I remembered I needed to do something.”

Rachael however frowned, remaining quiet.

“Anyway, I’m going to head back to my room, have a goodnight.” She offered a quick bow to Toya before heading off.

“I’m going too, nice talking with you Kitsutsuki-san.” Rachael then headed off, quickly following Taryn. “Taryn!” she said when finally catching up, grasping at Taryn’s arm to slow down to a stop. “What’s going on? What happened?”

Taryn merely looked at her friend with a warry expression, she didn’t want to tell her. Worried about how she might take it. But doing so would make it worse, so she told her friend when they returned to their room.

“I’m not really surprised but at the same time… ugh. No wonder you left.”

“It’s not the only reason, before I felt like I was being watched. It’s been constant. I’m not sure what to make of it really.”

“Has it been like that for the whole of the trip?” Rachael asked after thinking it over.

Taryn shook her head. “No, just since we arrived at the village, or at least a bit after that.”

Rachael frowned as her friend now began to put her clothing away, only to then recall what she wanted to tell her earlier in the day. She went over to her bag and pulled out the camera she had borrowed from Taryn. “Hey Taryn…” only to trail off when seeing her change of expression. “What’s wrong?”

Taryn stared down at her hand as a frown creased her brow. For a brief instant she saw something. An image flashed in her head. Something when she had touched apart of her own clothing. Like a static shock. And it came from her bra of all things.

Taking it again, she turned it over to the inner side, as her friend now looked over her shoulder. In the small inner pocket, something was sticking out.

“A piece of paper?” Rachael asked as Taryn went to pull it out. “How’d that even get in your bra?”

Taryn said nothing in response as she went to remove it, and upon touching the paper she felt it again. A feeling of emotion hitting her brain, followed with the image of a place that she had been before. The graveyard by the Shrine.

“Are you okay?” Rachael asked again.

Taryn only nodded. It didn’t hurt her, something like this never really had. It had been a long while since there had been something which affected her this much. When she pulled out the paper, she realized that it came from a standardised notebook. Like one that Taryn kept on her person for writing.

It had been folded several times, making it a decent size when opened, it was written in Japanese but thankfully both girls could read it.

The police have all but given up the search. Well over three weeks and not a single lead to go on. I understand why but it’s still frustrating. I know Ai would not be the type to just up and disappear. Yet many don’t seem to care. The Detective I know wants to do more but his hands are tied. I won’t blame him. He has his own work, and there’s only so much some people can do.

But it won’t stop me.

So, I do what I do best in my own line of work and found that she had gone to a village. A resort of sorts. One that’s not really on a map either. But that seems to be the best place to start. Since after talking to several people, other friends, neighbors, they all said that she had gone to a resort, but no one remembers the name. It makes even more sense why the police hit a wall being unable to go any further.

Now what I need to do, is find out what the name of the place is called and go from there. Here’s hoping I find something that won’t end up at a dead end.

Taryn and Rachael looked at each other before looking back to the note in question. Leading to even further questions that neither of them had an answer for.

“What was it that you wanted to show me?” Taryn asked drawing Rachael’s attention.

“Here,” the two swapped hands, as Rachael now held the note and Taryn the camera. “I was at the Shrine’s graveyard. I thought I saw something. And I think there’s something in the photo too, but I can’t make it out.”

Taryn enlarged the image on her camera, but it was far too pixilated to make out. “May I borrow your laptop?” when Rachael nodded, Taryn hooked her camera up to Rachael’s PC, since Taryn had decided to leave her’s at home. On top of which, Rachael’s had programs that could make adjustments of photos.

After doing a few things, Taryn managed to not only enlarge the image on the bigger screen, but also clean up the pixelated image making it far crisper. She stopped and stared at it, not saying a word.

Rachael had indeed caught something on Taryn’s camera. In the far back corner of the old cemetery, stood a woman. Barely visible to the naked eye with how see-through she was. Seeing this, finding the note in her bra, the constant feeling of being watched. And the odd, almost foreboding note that had been left with her food, now began to correlate in Taryn’s mind.

“I think we should go back to the graveyard tomorrow. Okay?” when Rachael nodded again Taryn looked back to the image. Something about all of this, makes me uneasy…

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