Lake,,the House of Ghost

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A beauticious lake,,considered as the house of ghost This story is about a person Henry who purchases a house near an awesome lake. At night,he sits near the lake and meets a person whom he considers as his friend. But,little did he knew about him. That man was a ghost who traps people by making friendship with them and then killing them. At a stage,,Henry finds the true identity of the man who he had considered as his friend. Henry is the next target of the ghost. Henry comes to know about it and tries his level best to save his life and give peace to the ghost. 1. Will Henry get saved? 2. Why does the ghost kills people? 3. What will happen next? Too find the answers of these questions,read the novel.

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House near the lake

Once upon a time in Russia,there lived a family consisting of 6 people,two brothers(Henry and George)lived with their families and parents.Due to their family problems,Henry had to shift the house with his family(one daughter Sophia and Henry's wife Emma).
Henry purchases a house near a beauticious lake. Henry's family gets highly pleased while having the first glance of the house but Henry recalls his old life with his parents and brother.
Emma and Sophia(very happily)spent their first day in their new house and Henry pretends to be happy for the sake of their joy. At night, when Emma and Sophia go to sleep, upset Henry silently leaves the house and sits near the lake missing his brother and parents. There, he notice something strange
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