Lake,,the House of Ghost

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Henry trapped

Emma told the entire story of ghost to Henry. Henry was left shocked after hearing the story of the ghost but,at the same time he thought that It might be a false story.

On that night,Henry again went towards the river to discover the truth.He sat there for almost two mins and heard the footsteps. Henry reluctantly turned backwards and saw that man (ghost) coming. He got scared but remained still . The ghost looked at Henry and said:

"What happened?Are you okay?"

Henry said nothing to the ghost,the ghost called him again. Suddenly,Henry saw the ghost's eyes sparkling with blue. The ghost said:

"You are hiding but your eyes are speaking,you've heard the truth of my identity. Yes I am a ghost and I'll kill you"

Henry quickly starting running towards his house. The ghost started following him but Henry successfully reached his house. Henry told the truth to Emma without any delay,he told her that every night he meets the ghost and spents hours with him. This seemed that the ghost's next target was to kill Henry.
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