Lake,,the House of Ghost

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Ray of hope(for Henry)

Henry called his neighbour in the house and asked her the reason why this ghost wants to kill people. The neighbour told Henry that he does it in hatred and anger of losing his wife and children. Henry some how got the address of one of the neighbour of the man.He decided to visit him once.

Next morning,Henry met the neighbour who told him the same story that Henry heard from his neighbour. He further added that the man's name was Alex and he had a great love for his wife and child. Alex (ghost) neighbour was a paranormal investigator so he advised Henry to take Alex's wife and child towards the lake so that Alex could have peace. This was the only way to get rid of the ghost.

Henry found the advise sensible and asked the neighbour of Alex's wife address.

Henry visited Alex's wife (Jennie) and her son ( Albert ). Henry told her the entire story of Alex and requested her to visit Alex. At first she did not agree but later was convinced.

Now it was the time when either Henry would be successful in giving peace to

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