Lake,,the House of Ghost

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Ghost meets his family

Finally that night,Henry took Jennie and Albert towards the lake but Alex wasn't there.

Suddenly, a knife gets throwned towards Henry but he saved himself. Jennie says:

"I know you are here,please come. Can we have a coversation?"

Ghost appears. He smiles looking at Jennie and Albert. Jennie says:

"I know you loved me,and I feel I hurt you.Whatever you faced was because of me,then why do you punish others for it?Look at Albert, I have taken proper care of him.At that time also,I wished for your joy but our financial conditions made me rude,today also I wish for your joy and that's the reason why I want you to stay in peace. Please for my sake,stop harming people and return to your world.

The words of Jennie finally gave peace to Alex and he dissappeared. From that time, nothing like that was ever found there.

After a year,Henry gets a call from his parents and brother. They requested him to come back.This makes the whole family very happy. Then,Henry sells his house and returns back to his parents and brother.

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