The Cruel Prince

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As loyal as my people are, if they saw you like this they’ll think I am either abusive or have some very strange sexual tastes. Melody Balan has been sold to a cruel prince. She must do everything that the evil Prince Renfry forces on her or risk him declaring war against her father. Her mother was a witch who stole a powerful demon spirit from the royal family. Now, Melody is in a race against time to find the demon before Prince Renfry kills her or destroys her home in Coral City. As the cruel prince imprisons Melody in his harem, her one hope of survival is to prove to him she has more to offer than just her body. Perhaps, if she able to make him fall in love with her, she can one day become the Queen of Nivarrin. As Melody is tortured by the Prince, her resolve begins to break down. Can Melody find true love even if that love is through agony? Note: The events of this story occurs one year after Rose and Thorne

Horror / Fantasy
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What Was Mine


THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT OF MY BOOK "What Was Mine." Five Chapters are up here, the rest are on Amazon Unlimited.

This book is part of the DARKLY DEVOTED series. The First Three Chapters are exclusive to Wattpad Paid.

However, reading of the prior books is not required. Here is a synopsis - including spoilers - of pertinent information from prior books. Note: What Was Mine occurs one year after the events of Rose and Thorne.

Darkly Devoted (Exclusive to Wattpad Paid Stories)

Vivienne Salome and Blake Thorne are childhood friends. After he mysteriously “dies” due to a supposed vampire attack, she moves away and meets a female friend named Allison Devon. Vivienne comes across Blake again at a ball on her eighteenth birthday. She finds out that he is obsessed with avenging his late father’s death and her best friend Allison Devon is implicated in helping him with his plans. Along the way, they meet Julian Namura, who is serving Maglania Sarastri (the woman Blake believes is guilty of killing his father).


Vivienne discovers she has the power to control demons. A bond is formed between a human and demon using a piece of metal. Only special humans are able to do this. Demonic blood tends to drive the drinker insane so a bond with a human is necessary to keep the drinker or vampire from going crazy. This is because the vampire draws a life force from the human (only special humans called Orlins are able to provide that life force).

In Manna City, Orlins are bound to rich demonic masters who drain them of their life force and eventually kill them. A piece of metal, usually made of Janvier silver, is used to form the bond. In Manna City, once the bond is formed, the chain is given to the demon to hold. In Remin, Vivienne discovers that when the Orlin holds onto the chain, they are able to command the vampire or demon using the power of their wills. Once the chain is taken out of the Orlin’s possession or destroyed through fire, they lose that ability.


Vivienne discovers she has the power to absorb demonic energy but only in particular instances.

Rose and Thorne

Blake finds out Vivienne is actually the daughter of his enemy Gabriel Balan. Her real name is Melody Balan. When he finds out, she’s already three months pregnant with his child. Gabriel kidnaps Melody at the end of the book but Blake thinks she betrayed him and ran off with her father. He is aided by his childhood friend Alesandra Janvier.

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