Surrender is Stronger

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A group of mercenaries escort a gypsy caravan through the Romanian Roads but at night their convoy comes to a halt as a hungry and ominous group of vampires stop them, they are all led by one man, Vlad Tepes himself. He takes a shining to the captain, she was exactly what he was looking for. She's strong and diligent. He uses all his powers of persuasion to turn her against her own kin, to become one with him and rule over his kingdom with him, to be his queen of darkness. The only problem that arises is the decision of becoming an immortal but the captain is stubborn, and is not so easily persuaded.

Horror / Romance
Raven Valentino
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Night had fallen over the Romanian Hills and we all knew we had to be on our guard, the horses pulling the carts of the gypsy caravans nickered to one another. Our horses heads hung in exhaustion, and many of my men were sore with saddle rub. The gypsies were also tired and I could tell by the way they walked that their feet were sore, and I had a young girl riding with me her mother begged me to take her, her leg had been broken and her mother worried that she would be left behind.

Just as we crossed the bridge and pulled into a clearing to rest up a small group of figures stood in front of us, my men and I rode forward we created a barricade between the figures and the gypsies, I handed the little girl over to one of my men and rode forward alone. As I got closer I realised that the figures eyes were glowing red, I rested a hand on the hilt of my deer antler handled sword, their leader approached me, his features covered with a hood, he grabbed my horse by the reins spooking him a little.

My great Friesian threw himself up and kicked out with his front legs. “Easy boy!” I exclaimed and rubbed his neck, he landed on all fours and stood snorting.

“Such a beautiful horse, I don’t see how a captain like you can afford such a beauty.” the man in front of me said, his Romanian accent thick and his voice gravelly.

“None of your concern sir,” I said and hauled my blade from its scabbard and pointed it at him.

“Mind who you threaten,” he said and swatted my blade away.

“I will only ask once dear sir,” I said and lowered my blade. “Move yourself and your men off the road.” He looked back at the men and then at me and my men.

“We shall do no such a thing, I promised them they would feed and feed they shall,” he said.

“Feed?” I asked.

“Yes,” he nodded, before I knew it his men were rushing at mine and the gypsies. I didn’t hesitate I swung for the figure from the back of my steed, but missed as he moved so fast and dodged my attempt. Achilles began to kick as one the figures clung on to his rump and was climbing up to the saddle to get a hold of me, he reared and I lost my balance and fell from his back, I hit the ground hard and watched as the figure jumped from my horse and the grabbed me breaking my blade he wrapped an arm around my throat and held me still.

“Wait!” the man called, the one I had been speaking with, he now removed his hood and now I saw it was Vlad Tepes himself, I struggled against the figures grip as he came closer once again. “She’s too pretty to kill.” he said and gently ran his fingers over my cheek, I tried pulling away but the figure holding me squeezed me tighter, I felt my ribs crack under the pressure and I did all I could to stop myself crying out. “Soon you’ll be mine.”

The figure held me tight and forced me to watch the slaughter of the gypsies and my men, I struggled and tried to get out of his grip but it was all futile. My body was beginning to be crushed slowly under the strength of the figure, Vlad did nothing to stop him till crimson flowed from my lips. “I want her alive!” he exclaimed snatching me from the figures arm, they grunted and then joined the slaughter, Vlad now held me in his arms, before I could watch this horror anymore I passed out.

A few hours later. . .

I wake up to the feeling of rocking, and I realise I’m in a carriage and the Impaler sat in front of me, my hands were chained and I could barely sit up as I was laid across the seat opposite him. Pain continued to wrack my being, my bones still broken. “W. . . Why me?” I stuttered.

“Because you’re strong. I’ve been tracking you. I’m looking for a queen and you fulfil exactly what I need.” he said.

“Queen?” I asked a little confused.

“Yes. My queen to rule by my side and be my queen of darkness.” he said leaning forward and resting his arms on his knees.

“What if I don’t want to?” I asked.

“You don’t have a choice, once you’re healed and strong the transition can begin.” he said.

“Transition?” I asked.

“Rest, I will reveal all when you’re healed.” he said.

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