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OTHER is a collection of Flash fiction and short stories which are on the creepy, more mystical and mysterious side. What is OTHER? You may ask well it's many thing a few among these being, something different, wrong, something that's not where it's supposed so to be, something that's not meant to be at all. It's an inexplicable sense of dread, something barely noticeable behind you, a ghost of a touch in the void of night, something that you tell yourself isn't real, something that flat-out isn't, or at least in our definitions of 'real' an unexplained event, an unsolved mystery, a darkness a little too dark. This is nature of OTHER if it has a nature at all...

The Darkness Takes You

Gia ran through the hallway and to the door, she fumbled due to her panic, but got it open. She ran through the winding roads in the night, the dark clouds browned by the yellow of the street lights, she was next, she knew this she saw the darkness draw near, she scrambled for her phone and turned on the flash, she looks around to see The Dark drawing nearer, the wind grew stronger. She kept running. She tripped she pushed herself up off the ground to see then everything was dark. She let out one desperate, helpless, pained scream.

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