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Horror / Thriller

Chapter 32

“Where are the others?” asked Malcolm, standing outside the corporate communications building. Only Melissa had turned up.
“They decided it wasn’t worth them coming. They didn’t need to be there. All I need to do is film it”.
“So he was possessed?” said Malcolm, looking rather cynical. Melissa nodded.
“Yes, he was, I’m quite certain. I know at least that that farm is definitely haunted. It’s on film. I haven’t got the tape here, but I’ll show it to you”.
They saw Curio walking along the pavement to them. He gave a small wave. Melissa didn’t want to make reference to what had happened to him, as it may have upset him to talk about it, if he wished to discuss it at all. If he did, then he would be the one to bring it up.
“Right,” said Melissa. She walked up the few steps and pushed open a large blue door. Curio and Malcolm entered. They followed Melissa up a flight of wooden stairs to room B18. She walked into a small room, occupied by too many tables. On one wall there was a white board which featured a lot of numbers. There were a few algebraic equations. There were also too many plastic chairs, but Curio and Malcolm eventually settled near the back, sitting facing each other and leaning forward. Melissa stood nearby holding up the camcorder.
“Whenever you’re ready?” she said.
“Did you bring a personal item of your Father’s?” Curio asked.
“Yes, I brought these”. He produced from his pocket, a pair of glasses.
“Are these alright?” Curio nodded.
“Certainly”. He took them, and closed both hands over them. He closed his eyes and brought them to his fore-head.

“I need to speak to Peter Selden” he said. “Can you hear me?” There was a few seconds silence before he continued.
“Ah, yes. I can see you. I feel that you are a kind, mild man. I have here your son, Malcolm. He wishes to speak with you”.
“What? I thought you did the speaking” Malcolm said. Curio did not answer, as though he was in a little world of his own.
“He wishes for you to provide him with answers as to why you…erm”.
“Killed my mother. Might as well tell it like it is”.
“Killed, his mother”.
“Is she there? Can you call her?”. Curio was silent for a few moments.
“Peter says hello, and also says he and your mother are happy together, as they were, as you knew them, in the spirit world. Your father says that if you want answers to the ‘realm of the partisan’, which will let you know why he did what he did, then travel to Liverpool, to the pier head, to see an old friend of his. Ian. Your father says to see Ian, and give him what he wants. He is a vagabond, and will be around that area. His wife left him, taking the house. He became an alcoholic, and he still is, but he will still know Peter. A sad state of affairs, really. He had such potential, but you can still give him what he requires. You’ll make him so proud. You’ll give him back his respect, his dignity. You can make him a valued enthusiast once again”. Curio then shivered, as though an ice cold droplet had slid down his back. He opened his eyes and handed back the glasses.
“Well I don’t know what you make of that,” he said, “but that’s what he said. Ian will have the answers if you travel to the Pier head”.
“Realm of the partisan? Enthusiast? What does it mean?” asked Malcolm.
“I don’t know,” said Curio. “It’s just what your father was telling me. All I can do is relay the information. What you make of it is down to you, I can do nothing else”.
“Well, you could get in contact with him again, I suppose”. Curio nodded.
“It’s not easy, and spirits do not always like to be disturbed. Granted, your father seemed the type who would not mind, and, I can try again if you wish, but not today. I have other appointments”. Malcolm nodded, thoughtfully.
“I have sympathy for you, I really do,” Curio continued, “but please understand, the price must still be the same”.
“Er…Oh,” said Malcolm, rummaging in his pocket for a £20 note. He gave it to him. Melissa stopped the camcorder. Curio stood up, and shook both their hands.
“If you need me again….well, you know where I am. I’ll see myself out”. He left the room, the door closing quietly.
“If you’re going to the Pier head,” said Melissa, holding up the camcorder. Malcolm smiled slightly, but there was no humour there at all.

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