Cross over stories: infected

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Chapter 4: I’m not broken so don’t fix me

Month later

It’s been a Month, Andy is fine, he’s actually taking the whole vampire thing well. And he’s okay with control. But, things have been pretty chill here, well that was until today.

June 14,2022

“Guys, we got a situation in control room.” I ran upstairs, “ what’s up?” I seen Jughead, Betty and Caroline, “ there was an attack and distress in Scranton.” “ okay. I might need to take a partner. Who’s wanting to go with?” Caroline said, “ I’ll go with, I gotta get away for a moment.”

Two days later-Scranton, Pennsylvania

I got out of the truck to have guns pointed at me, “ seriously? Do I have a target on my back?”

One tried to shoot at me I ducked, “ the hell? Which one sent an sos?” They lowered their weapons and came closer, “ drop your weapon.” I did, “ kick it toward us.” I sighed, “ happy now.”

“ guys, I think we can trust her.” They grumbled then agreed, “ okay, who’s the other person?” I replied, “ Caroline!” She got out of the truck, “ how the hell-“ I explained to them that vampires are real, “ that’s scary yet, weirdly awesome.” I replied, “ okay, well. I take it we are now creating a f**kin army-“ soon enough, I heard bullets fire, “ get down.”

This is why I- no I dislike people.

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