Cross over stories: infected

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Chapter 5: friends on the other side can make you crazy

One year later

April 14,2023

Things have been quiet, but not quite enough. Last month a few strangers came about, apparently they are descendants of Disney villains, and a few villains. I’m fine with it. But recently we recovered files from a base. And so we know that the gov, isn’t so quiet. They are trying to create a zombie and human army. Well we are creating an army of our own.

But we found out with zombies, they don’t do well to music, yes, I know it’s cringe. But it works, there brains blow out of their skulls. May they Rest In Peace but yeah.

So there’s about over a hundred people but hey, I’m sorta fine with it. And I upgraded my wardrobe. Meaning we headed back to riverdale for a few weeks. And recruited a few people. Super nice people. Yeah, oh you’re wondering about the day we got bared arms?

Yeah, it was a small attack, due to survival. No one got hurt. Okay I accidentally got shot in the leg and ribs, I am still living. Not a vampire thank god.

But yeah. To base camp.

Base camp

“ okay well we don’t know when they will plan their attack. But I’m not having things go to hell or be world war z.” F.p said, “ then we take the fight to them.” I smiled, “ I like it, a sneak attack. They won’t expect it.” I then seen hook staring at me, “ harry eyes off, or I’ll give you a black eye.” He apologized, “ sorry darlin.” I sighed, “ okay. We take the attack to them. Four weeks.”

We all agreed, then I heard my name yelled, “ haley! You need to see this.” I’m sorry, but don’t do what I’m about to do. I ran out of the control room jumping over the side railing. And raced to the door, “ Betty- holy s**t.”

Okay, so this is new. “ I thought they were sorta uh, how do I put this politely?” I heard hope, “ haley- oh my god.” “ I don’t know how this is happening.” She just ran over to them, and embraced them in a hug, this makes me wanna cry, “ is that who I think It is?” I nodded to betty, “ how is this possible. It’s amazing, but how?”

Hope asked crying, “ how are you here dad?” They had a cute moment, and we stepped away for a moment. “ everyone. This is my family.” We all introduced ourselves, and hope introduced them, “ this is my dad, Klaus and my mom Hayley, then there’s my aunt Freya, and Rebekah, and davina,and my uncles, Elijah, Kol, and Finn.” We waved hi.

Then Hayley hopes mom asked, “ where are we?” Hope sugar coated it, “ well, we’re at base camp right now. But haley you explain.” I sighed, “ welcome to the apocalypse. We have been fighting for four years now. I can tell you this, hell broke loose.”

“ and the apocalypse you mean, just a war?” I replied, “ nope zombies, vampires, hybrids. The government is a d**khead.” Hayley snickered. “ well I can catch you all up to date. And I’m human, most of us were. But due to weirdness in the apocalypse it makes more sense.”

Two hours later


I was sword fighting with uma, Harry and mal. “ you guys gotta keep to your feet.” I then heard, “ and keep your eyes on your opponent.” I ducked and uma got Harry at the belt. “ nice uma.” We continued to fight, metal hitting metal.

Then We took five, “ your not bad love.” I looked up, “ thanks? I don’t know how the f**k to react to this?” “ just saying.” “ alright, just not used to it even in the apocalypse” I then looked over grabbing my phone, “ I’m sorry I have to ask. And please don’t take offense to this, but it’s good that your sorta alive,but do you mind if I ask how?”

He replied, “ davina.” I replied, “ fair enough. So due to probably not needing to train-“ we then heard a thud come from up stairs. “ what the?”


I seen a group of zombies, “ let’s light em up guys!” I grabbed both pistols on the counter, we walked outside, “ how is it that, every morning it was fine, but now, death comes to us.” Veronica laughed, “ let heads fly.” And so one by one zombies brains splattered. One then tried to attack me, “ not today Satan.”

So I shot the zombie right between the eyes, “ I’ll see you in hell.” My god this is weirdly sick, yet I feel bad for them. They used to have a life. Then the government went screwy okay nevermind.”

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