Cross over stories: infected

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Chapter 6: unbitten

May 1,2023

Washington DC, Washington

Outside gates

We have a new base, thank you Ashley Costello. We have been creating an army of our own. Same for her. We met a few months ago. But I’ve made a new image for me. Not a lonely girl anymore. No I’ve changed me, I’m stronger mentally and physically. More inked, Lol. But no I’ve become a better me.

Base camp A-512

Veronica’s pov

“ we need inside ears for now.” I agreed, “ definitely, and with that-“ we heard a scream, and went to find out what happened.


We seen haley, two zombies and a spy, “ haley? You okay?” She growled, “ get them.” And so we took orders and fought them. Only one got away. “ με πήρε στα πλευρά, επιτίθεται σε μία εβδομάδα.” We grumbled protesting, “ no haley. You just got shot in the ribs!”

English translation: she got me in the ribs, we attack in one week.

“ It will be nice, I have faced worse than that. I had my life crushed and broken. my life has changed even now. we will take back what was ours, we are not weak! we are strong to all of us. i’ve dealt with it firsthand, we show them we’re not puppets waiting for a puppet series, I lost my mother to it.

I will not lose anybody else. not on my watch! we will take back what was once ours. This world can be dirty and weird, but that means we are, we are strong, we are, and we can do anything. I do not care if we are different, what makes us unique.

Let’s show them we aren’t pawns in a f**king game! A battle we can win is now. We fought our own demons and won. I will be fine. I would take a bullet for all of you. But I’m not afraid- next week we kick a**.” Okay this is the weirdest speech ever.

But they were cheering. I felt my knees go weak. And I crumbled falling to the ground. “ I know I’ll make it out alive.” And everything went black.”

First aid

I woke up to me being on a table, “ you have shaky hands.” I growled my ribs hurting like hell fire, “ will you shut up? Hand me a pair of pliers. I’ll take out the bullet myself.” Betty said, “ your insane if you think that.” I got up and grabbed a pair, “ I have a bullet in my stomach and it burns, so shut up.”

And so Veronica got an ivy started, all I felt was this burning stabbing pain in my ribs, “ stay with us haley.” I grumbled a curse word, “ try not to move much.” I growled, “ I got a bullet moving in my gut v watch it.” Mal, Gil, and harry came in, “ how can we help.” Before I could say anything, I felt this pain in my chest, “ s**t, she’s going into mental shock. We need to get the bullet out now, but she has a blood clot.”

I tried to speak, “ don’t kill me.”




Hopes family





I looked to harry, then went in and out of conscious, “ harry you will need to get the blood away from the bullet.” Harry sort of protested, “ I couldn’t, I don’t want to drain her dry.” I looked to him and held his hand, “ harry, please, I trust you enough, I know you can control.”

He looked to me, “ forgive me.” I felt pain all over, and soon enough a pair of fangs bite into my stomach, it was weird as f**k. He moved wrong, “ ow. Watch it hook.”

He spit out a bullet, “ thank you.” He nodded, it was cute he accidentally had blood on the sid of his mouth, “ here, just take it easy, and don’t drain me.” I let him take my wrist, “ it might be better than a bite with a bullet.”

He lightly took my arm, and bit deep into my wrist. Causing me to grunt a little, “ I can’t thank you enough hook.” And so Veronica and Betty stitched up my bullet wound, “ I have to hand it to you darlin, you got a heart of gold. And not too bad of a vein.” I asked, “ what is the heart of gold supposed to mean, it’s probably brighter than my soul.”

I just smiled and couldn’t laugh. “ okay, stand up.” I slowly did. “ thanks for bandaging me up everyone.” They replied, “ no prob, you would do it for us.” I Nodded agreeing

Okay it’s almost two in the morning I’m gonna head to bed. And write more tomorrow goodnight

Day before fight

I woke up restless, it’s one day, I’m still pissed off at the gov.



I’ve been going since six this morning, my knuckles are bruised but it’s worth it, an hour before I was in the shooting range. “ haley?” I heard a faint voice call my name, I growled, “ what?” I seen, Veronica and Betty, “ you okay?” I replied, “ lying, yes, truth, no.”

“ take a break will ya.” I sighed, “ fine.” So I sat down, “ we are going to do fine tomorrow. Trust us. We are gonna win this fight.” I replied, “ I know. I just am worried, what if something goes wrong?” Betty glared at me, same as Veronica. “ you can stop glaring daggers at me now.”

“ I’m going outside.”

Outside: down the street

I was walking down the street, okay going for a run,when the world went pitch black.

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