Cross over stories: infected

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Chapter 7:capture the flag

72 hours later

Wednesday,May 3,2023


I woke up in a holding cell, “ it’s about time you woke up. You seriously need to stop drooling in your sleep.” I growled, “ piss off.” “ get up and get dressed into this, you are requested to be at this location in five minutes.” I growled getting up, I threw on what was actually presentable for some reason.

Five minutes later

I made it to the location well room, anyways, “ come in.” Walking in on edge I kept my guard up. “ well it truly is an honor mrs.ward.” I asked, “ who are you?” She replied, “ where are my manners, my name is francesca winters. I’m sorry about the time of meeting like this. I wish it was on better terms.” I snapped back, “ that still doesn’t explain who you are?”

She replied, “ I am the one that brought you here, and the one that created this lovely experiment, but sadly it got out. What a shame.” I kept my guard, “ what do you want with me? Why am I even here?”

She aimed a gun at me, “ because I have spies they have been watching your every move, I know what you are up to. But why not have the world, and your friends see that you are not a hero. You a freak like the others.”

I snapped, “ and what, you think that I care? I am damn proud to be a freak, I’ve been out through worse. I can survive your f**king game.” I then turned around and walked to the door, “ take one more move and I will shoot.” I did, and ducked, She wasn’t bluffing. “ take her to a holding cell.”

No ones pov

Base camp A-512

“ she’s been taken. We attack now.” They were in shock, yet this seemed too soon. “ okay, let’s go.”


Haley’s pov

I was dragged on stage, “ this is the hero that tried to bring us down. And just to prove, she and her friends aren’t the hero’s.” She aimed a gun at me once again, “ she will be the first to test a new strain of virus 1-3 Xgrid.”

And so she pulled the trigger and it got me in the ribs, “ you’ll never get away with this you b**tch” She laughed, “ but I already have.”

I felt my ribs on fire, “ why do I always get shot in the ribs?” I tried to crawl away, soon enough I seen a arrow go throw her neck, “ thank you Cheryll.” I tried to fight, but ran over to my friends, zombies fell to the ground blood sprayed.

I felt like s**t. “ haley?” I just collapsed, “ haley? Someone grab a gauze pad and bandages.” I was rolled on my back, “ stay with us haley.” I choked out a laugh, “ how is that the damaged onesies hurt the most?”

I held my ribs, “ bullets hate me.” It was a virus, but not a zombie kind. Nor vampire,“ can’t feel my side.” I tried to yank it out, “ son of a-“ Betty snapped, “ don’t finish that sentence haley.” I asked, “ why not? My ribs hurt like hell fire, and it’s a f**king virus that’s spreading like the plague.” Veronica said, “ I got the bullet. It’s a tracker.”

I asked, “ them what-“ everything went in audible, my head was spinning. I actually felt a point to the brim of death.

In head

Everything came crumbling down, but why did this seem so familiar?

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