Cross over stories: infected

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Daughter of the underworld

Hi there, names captain Luna iris, my dad is the god of the underworld. My mother I don’t have a clue of who she is, and I’m really wondering if I do want to know her?

Oh well, as long as she is happy and well. I have a heart people, just because I’m the daughter of hades, doesn’t mean anything. I am rebellious, but also have very good qualities to me, I know how to cook, clean, read, fight, and build things.

I also am the captain of my own ship which took me five years to build. And it’s practically like my baby. But moving on, I do have a bit of magic in me, the dark kind, and a little bit of good. And moving on, I am now being summoned by my father oh great.

“ there’s my little evil raven. How are you did you steal any souls today?” I smirked, “ four.” He smiled, “ that’s my girl. Now, you know I love you right?” I said, “ dad I can see right through you. Spill.”

He said, “ you have been accepted to go to auradon prep.” I fake puked. “ yeah no thanks, besides, I have my ship and crew to handle.” I walked off, and of course he had to stand in front of me. “ you are going and that’s final. I want what’s best for you.”

He gave me a real hug, like a genuine hug. “ okay what have you been drinking?” He said, “ your going. Pack your bags.”

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