Cross over stories: infected

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Synthetic dream

Hi im liza rose asher, and i just moved here not even two months ago. And well today i- wait s**t i gotta go. I have to be at the studio in twenty minutes. So i will explain myself on the way.

I got there and today i am gonna be working on a collab with a new upcoming band. And i’m a uprising metal artist. I can sing like an angel but scream like a demon. I seen these guys and one girl,she said, “ you must be liza asher.” i smiled, “ yes, are you kelly?” she nodded, “ yes, it’s good to meet you miss asher.”

I said, “ please call me liza.” she said, “ liza this is gustavo, kendall, carlos, logan and james.” i said, “ hi, nice to meet you.” they smiled, “ nice to meet you as well liza.” for some reason all of them except the tall one was drooling, gustavo said, “ let’s head over into the studio.”

Kelley said, “ you can set up your guitar liza.”i said, “ cool thanks.” i did, and one came over to me and said, “ so liza how long have you been playing guitar?” i said, “ since i was six years old.” he said ,” how old are you now?”

I said, “ 19 years old.” gustavo said, “ hey liz can you show us an example of what you would sing. Since the guys have no idea and they are wild dogs.” i laughed a little and said, “ sure.” i took off my jacket, which revealed a few of my tattoos.

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