Cross over stories: infected

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Reqrium heart

Camp half blood

I am scared right now, I was supposed to go somewhere else, but my feet did the walking and my mind is a zombie with no control. Someone help me believe a sign of hope?

I came up to this sign above me it read: στρατόπεδο μισό αίμα(camp half blood) walking through I heard a cracking noise, causing me to jump. I just ran, out of fear and my heart racing as a broken heater. I had earbuds in and had this song on repeat: deathless by as lions.

I then ran into someone causing me to collapse to the ground, I seen their lips move, but nothing came to me to hear, they helped me up. And I tried to squirm away, one pulled out an ear bud and I heard my surroundings, “ your okay. Your safe.”

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