Cross over stories: infected

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New city of gotham

Yes I know, but hi there, my name is jinx quinzel. My parents are the king and queen of Gotham. The most notorious villains here. I’m very happy for my parents. Especially now that the bat is out of the picture. There is no superheroes, no. Just Gotham high being a normal well somewhat normal for me. I’m the feared bad girl of the school. There is a queen bee, even she think she’s not scared of me, I can see it in her eyes.

But moving on, I know that this will be a fun year. Meaning it’s my last. And I pull pranks, piss off the teachers, I get good grades, meaning I’m on the honor roll. Which to me means nothing. I get my intelligence from my wonderful mother Harley. She’s still psychotic. And my dad is still as crazy as her. They are the cutest couple. But they spoil me, I really am independent on myself so it’s sorta weird for me.

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