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Never surrender

I had a blast tonight, I love singing with these guys. I heard, mrs.lockwood. I smiled, “ hi, mrs.lockwood, how are you.” She said, “ I’m good, how are you. The show was amazing.” I said, “ thank you. I’m good as well. How are things with everything over all?” She said, “ they are good so far. Love the hair, very bright.” I smiled, “ thank you.”

We talked a little longer and then mrs.forbes came over, and said, “ hi lzzy.” I said, “ hi mrs.forbes,how are you?” She said, “ I’m good, how are you? I couldn’t catch the show. But from what I’m hearing it was awesome.” I said, “ well the show was a blast. And I’m good tonight was the last night of tour, I’m kind of bummed, but hey I might get to spend time with my two but brains of brothers.” Liz said, “ well that’s good.”

Pause for a minute, I have been in mystic falls before, it’s my hometown, I usually leave because of tour, and I really don’t mind, it’s like a mini vacation, or really depends on how many months the tour is. And I went to highschool here and finished senior year with graduates. That’s all I can ask for, and I met a few friends, Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, Tyler. I wasn’t necessarily the popular one, just the quiet one.

Liz said, “ it was great to see you again lzzy, but I gotta go find Matt.” I said, “ okay, it was good seeing you again as well.” Mrs.lockwood said, “ I’m gonna go as well, it was lovely to see you again, and welcome back to mystic falls.” I smiled, “ thanks.”

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