Cross over stories: infected

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Chapter 1: hit me like a man

I’ve been surviving this apocalypse for two years now, I remember it like it was yesterday, my graduation was the day all hell broke loose. I don’t want to talk about it. Right now, I have a base camp in Indiana, I don’t have friends not anymore, no family. The only thing I have is me, and music. I live alone, I’ve been surviving hell my entire life.

Okay, well right now with driving, into a town called riverdale? Interesting, blockades broken into bits and shards. I continued my journey, I seen a few zombies in the apocalypse there’s no law. Just don’t do what I do. I shot the zombie in the head.

Pops diner

Veronica’s pov

“ we have been here for so long, I don’t know what is going on.” I sighed, “ v it’s okay. Trust me. I think someone is not a zombie flesh eater.” I smirked choking a laugh, “ what was that?” I sounded like a gunshot, “ stay here.” Betty got out her phone, surprisingly we have cell reception in the hell. “ okay I texted jug, no answer yet.”

We hid behind the bar, I had a pistol ready to fire, “ hello?” It’s a girl? I looked to betty and mouthed the words, “ survivor?” She shook her head in confusion, “ drop your weapon.”

Haley’s pov

I jumped when I heard, “ drop your weapon.” I growled, “ drop yours first?” I heard a feminine voice, “ who are you?” I smirked, “ I could ask the same.” My mask I deconstructed it and added a voice changer, so my voice sounds f**ked up right now. You know sorta like a monster, or this deep growl. “ take off your hood. And I won’t ask again drop your weapon.”

I did both, “ oh s**t.” I laughed, “ happy now?” They stood up from the bar area, “ who are you?” I replied, “ the names haley. And don’t be alarmed, this is just makeup. I’m not undead.”

One said, “ I’m Veronica. This is Betty.” I smiled, “ nice to meet you both. Thanks for not shooting me.” Veronica asked, “ take off your mask.” I said, “ sure.” I did, and my god my voice became this high pitched feminine voice, “ your a chick?” I laughed, “ yeah, what did you think I was a dude?”

They both nodded, “ oh because of the- I understand, but no I’m a woman, always have always will be. But I deconstructed my mask, to make my voice change. So yeah.”

I heard a buzz, “ okay, jughead is upstairs.” I said, “ thank god I killed a zombie.” And so this guy, Betty was talking about. He wore a black leather jacket, skinny jeans, and a beanie. “ who’s this?” He had a pistol pointed at me, “ Jughead, drop the pistol, she’s one of us.” He looked over to betty and Veronica, “ fine. What’s your name?” I replied “ haley. You must be Jughead, Betty here won’t stop talking about you. It’s really cute.”

I smiled, and Betty and Jughead blushed like red cherry. “ aww. Well at least there still is a heart in this forsaken apocalypse” I then heard beeping on my phone, I checked it, an intruder is trying to break into my house. I sighed, “ sorry boys. Not today.” I hit a button and the door handle zapped them.

Hehe. Hey I’m protective of my home. Okay, my guitars, drum set, bikes. I love them, I built almost half of them, found them in a junkyard spruced them up. And voila. So between, my one car, meaning it used to be my moms, it’s a blue 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander. I still know it doesn’t run much, but I love it and never wanna get rid of it.

So between that car, my two trucks, 9 bikes, I have twelve vehicles. Then with guitars I have about eight guitars, one acoustic. My home looks abandoned and run down on the outside, but the inside is modern.

“ okay, well you guys can come back to my base with me if you want? I know it’s not the greatest but-“ “ please. We have been cooped up here for I don’t know how long.” I said, “ okay. Then let’s go. Pack your things. I’ll be upstairs.”

Mystic falls,Virginia

“ it’s hopeless. This is worse than the universal prison.” We heard static, “ get the radio.” “ pick up pick up.” Someone did, “ hello? Anyone, if anyone can hear us please, we live in mystic falls. There’s no one bitten or zombified. Please. Send Help.”

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